Mano Rota Restaurant

You are bored about norms and protocols of the high gastronomy. However, you wanna taste and savour good food. So, it’s your lucky day because Mano Rota Restaurant is bored too about all these labels and love good food too. That’s why, they offer a menu only with season products. The menu is constantly in evolution, according to the seasons and you could find traditional cuisine into this restaurant. This lovely place is located in the atypical neighborhood of Poble Sec. Mano Rota serves a large selection of spanish, mediterranen and international food. They also serve food for special diets like vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Mano Rota restaurant

If you want to push your culinar experience even further, you should take a seat at the counter so you can see the head chef cooked under your eyes. You will have a good time with good advices about the wines too. The concept of the restaurant is to mix all types of cuisine to make a perfect fusion. So you can eat polenta, berberechos, Iberian pork, suckling pig, tomato paste, spicy pineapple… and the list goes on! You can come to Mano Rota and it will never be twice the same because the evolution of the menu is constant and they work hard on the flavor, taste and visual side of their dishes. In addition, the cuisine is inspired by the different spices of the world so this restaurant is perfect if you want to cross the border without even lifting a finger.

mano rota restaurant

Mano Rota is a restaurant with a bar and although this concept is not original, the real originality lies in the fact that we feel that the cooks are our special cooks and we feel at home. The front of the establishment is quite modern with its black metal structures and large windows in a building of the turn of the century. Inside, the renovation will have preserved the brick walls of yesteryear, enriched the pieces of industrial metal ducts a bit like in a loft, trimmed the ceiling of workshop chandeliers and decorated the walls in some parts with semblances of white painted walls that give the whole an air of recovery of existing wall covers. These are very beautiful associations that give the place a certain charm.

mano rota restaurant
So don’t wait any longer, come and eat traditionnal cuisine at Mano Rota! You won’t be disappointed! They use pretty recipes, often bowls, because they like to experiment with food and also they enjoy surprising their customers. This restaurant is located in Poble Sec neighbourhood, between Parallel and Montjuic.

Opening Hours


20h00 - 23h30


13h00 - 15h30 & 20h00 - 23h30


13h00 - 15h30 & 20h00 - 23h30


13h00 - 15h30 & 20h00 - 23h30


13h00 - 15h30 & 20h00 - 23h30


13h00 - 15h30 & 20h00 - 23h30




Our Address:

Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 4, 08004 Barcelona


41.3744349, 2.1618676000001


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