La Zitrica

La Zitrica is a theatrical company born in 2015 thanks to the director and playwright Javi Bañasco. Because he decided to approach in depth the study on “The creation of the visual Gag”.

Teachers such as Buster Keaton, Tex Avery or Jacques Tati inspired the school. They add to their knowledge about gag other comic resources, such as parody, absurdity or sitcom. The company offers an effervescent, clownesque and active relationship with the viewer, generating a universe of comic-cosmic laughter that all spectators can enjoy.

The Professionals Show.

After months of research, collaborations and laboratories, Javi Bañasco has generated a series of hypotheses that, along with his work team, has been put into practice in an entertaining, surprising and universal show: THE PROFESSIONALS in which La Zitrica humorously draws everyday characters that address universal situations and themes.

“The professionals” is based on a series of choreographed sketches portrayed by 3 actors. The show puts the protagonists in absurd and humorous situations, picturing different fields of work in each sketch. Thanks to bodywork, onomatopoeias and the participation of the audience, putting the actors through different absurd situations. The show’s dynamic will make everyone laugh while getting the message across. Furthermore, with the use of visual gags, the play depicts how difficult it can be to fulfil our professional duties but also the fact of putting the worker before the person, in a “fear of failure” modern society.

The communication that is established with the viewer must be understandable for audiences of all ages and nationalities and the main goal is to create a staging without borders or expiration dates.

The Professionals Show is inspired by the variety of jobs one can exert in today’s society and thrives with its parodic and absurd view of society while engaging with its audience, thus making for a great time for everyone in the room.

From the January 25th to March 3rd, The Professionals Show will take place at the Sala Muntaner Barcelona. You can get tickets for the show HERE!

Actors: Gerard Flores – Laura Pérez – Sergi Príncep
Duration: 60 to 70 minutes
Area: Sala Muntaner, Barcelona
Price: From 11€ (limited special offer) – 22€ General Entry – 16.50€ for seniors & Carnet Juve


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Sala Muntaner, Barcelona


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