La Duquesa Restaurant

You are bored with the norms and protocols of the high gastronomy of prestigious restaurants. However, you wanna taste and savor good food. So, it’s your lucky day because La Duquesa Restaurant is bored too about all these labels and love good food too. That’s why they offer a menu who will remember the good memories of your childhood. The restaurant Duquesa offers to taste the best of Mexican cuisine. It consists of a team of professionals who work for more than 30 years for welfare and maximum client satisfaction. They love food and underneath all the moments of sharing that you can live by going to dinner with your group. You could find traditional cuisine from Mexico into this restaurant. This lovely place is located in the charming and authentic neighborhood of Gothic. La Duquesa restaurant serves a large selection of Mexican food which exists since 1984. They also serve food for breakfast and sandwiches.

If you want to push your culinary experience even further, you should take a seat and enjoy your Mexican meat with the people you love to spend a good time. La Duquesa restaurant is very spacious and has a beautiful decoration, in addition to serving good food. Therefore, the restaurant is the ideal place to celebrate birthdays, dinners with colleagues, family lunches, outings with friends. In one sentence because it does not take 10,000 words to describe it: it is the ideal place to have a good time. You will be thrilled as much by the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant as the food served and the restaurant decor.

La Duquesa restaurant is a restaurant with a bar and although this concept is not original, the real originality lies in the fact that we feel that the cooks are our special cooks and we feel like we were in Mexico. The front of the establishment is quite authentic with its stone front. Inside, we find the true beauty of the Gothic area in this restaurant. It feels both in Mexico, Spain and in another era. Transport yourself in this journey through time and through the flavors. These are very beautiful associations that give the place a certain charm.

So don’t wait any longer, come and eat traditional Mexican cuisine at Duquesa Restaurant! You won’t be disappointed! They use pretty recipes, often bowls, because they like to experiment with food and also they enjoy surprising their customers. This restaurant is located in the Gothic neighborhood, between Barceloneta and the Old city of Barcelona.

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Carrer de la Mercè, 20, 08002 Barcelona


41.3801154, 2.1803575





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