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Finalia Travel is the travel agency chosen by excellence among the Educational Centers and Associations of Mothers and Parents of Students. The Finalia’s team is convinced that the education their children receive in their classrooms and homes is complementary to the didactic and pedagogical training in which the programmed outputs of Finalia Viajes are oriented. 

Finalia Viajes since 1999

The professional team of Finalia Viajes specializes in the comprehensive management of scheduled trips, end-of-course trips, and excursions in the field of education. They provide adequate solutions in the organization and development of the proposals received by the centers. Finalia Viajes coordinate with the teaching team, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of a complete learning. How? During the activities, events and planned visits in the end-of-course trips of our centers. They want to manage all trips and ensure the safety of our students and teachers. For this reason, after Finalia Viajes, they have enabled expert coordinators in the organization of activities. They also prepare scheduled trips so that they can solve all the needs of our clients.

Finalia Viajes – Student experts

The Finalia Viajes Group develops its activity in the tourism sector with presence in different and varied lines of business. Its wide range of activities within the sector allows Finalia to: be diversified and achieve important synergies. In addition, it has the possibility to offer its clients a global management of their needs.

The Finalia Viajes Group is formed by a group of independent companies in their respective sectors: students, linguistic stays, sporting events, on-line, receptive, aerial, business travel, and continental tourism, with a common goal: to organize the best trips, and that your end of year trip is unforgettable. What makes the Finalia Viajes Group different, which gives it meaning, muscle and stability, is the fact that each company supports the others and is, in turn, backed by the others, making a great puzzle in which all the pieces fit.

This guarantees a personalized customer service adapted to the services that the client desires. It will is that each organism can prepare its end-of-course trip or its scheduled departure. Finalia wants the trip to suit your interests and economic possibilities. For this reason, Finalia Viajes adapts the trips so that each client can organize it according to their needs.

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Finalia Travel Destinations


All of its travel destinations are planned for groups of students. Finalia wants to ensure an end-of-course trip with a didactic and pedagogical training during the activities, both cultural and personal for all students.



Coordinators of Finalia Viajes

All the coordinators of Finalia Viajes will ensure that the contracted service is fulfilled according to the anticipated expectations. Finalia wants your end-of-course trip to work perfectly. Its staff will advise the faculty on all the administrative procedures that concern the selected activity in relation to means of transportation, accommodation, schedules, visits, insurance, etc.



To take you to your end-of-course trip, the team of Finalia works with a variety of means of transport, both airplane and boats and buses.



All Finalia Viajes accommodations are centrally located and are adapted to a student profile to ensure a comfortable stay on your end-of-course trip.




Phone 24h
The center and the accompanying faculty will have an operational telephone 24 hours a day. Thus, during the course of the end-of-course trip, you can make any query or suggestion to our Finalia Viajes Central.



For the accompanying professors.

Opening Hours


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