When you are walking threw Barcelona you come a cross a lot of little bars, restaurants, bakery’s, cakes and sweet shops. And we can imagine that after a while you don’t know who to pick. But one you can not skip is Chök. Chök is a cute little bright chocolate kitchen. When you step inside you are in donut heaven. Not only do they have the best selection of donuts, they also have cronuts, croissants, chocolate chip cookies, goof coffee, chocolate bars, and much more. Since opening their doors in 2013 the enthusiasm and desire to do things well are as strong as ever, and Shöc has no desire to slow down.

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The shop

Let us begin with the shop itself. You don’t see Chök from a far, because they only have a small white sign with their name in black letters. But when you walk by your attention is grabbed because of the window full of delicious cakes and sweets. The whole front of the store is with glass windows, which is nice because this makes the shop very light insight. When you come inside it is so light and bright and the colours of the donuts just pop. Behind the counter they have a donut wall with real freshly made donuts.

Chök The Chocolate Kitchen donut wall

The delicious products

Chök has something for everyone. The products are handmade with natural, fresh, local ingredients. They also have vegan and gluten-free options. And make their products fresh everyday. Donuts are very tempting, we know, and Chöc also knows this. This is why they strive to improve so that their products are as healthy as possible. So you don’t have the feel that guilty after eating one delicious donut. Because the products are fresh and handmade everyday this does mean that they only produce small quantities. So if you have your heart set on a specific product we suggest you go in the morning. The menu changes regularly, so its not a problem to go multiple times during your stay in Barcelona. You can take your donuts to go, but we wont blame you if you eat it as soon as you step outside.

Chök The Chocolate Kitchen


Milan, Gibraltar and Barcelona are all lucky enough to have a Chöc located in their city. But Barcelona is the most lucky because we actually have 5 different locations.

Address 1: Carrer de les Ramelleres, 26, 08001 Barcelona
Address 2: Plaça de Catalunya, 14, Planta, 08002 Barcelona
Address 3: Carrer del Carme, 3, 08001 Barcelona
Address 4: Carrer d’Astúries, 93, 08024 Barcelona
Address 5: Avinguda Diagonal, 208, 08018 Barcelona

Opening Hours


08:00am - 09:00pm


08:00am - 09:00pm


08:00am - 09:00pm


08:00am - 09:00pm


08:00am - 09:00pm


08:00am - 09:00pm


08:00am - 09:00pm


Our Address:

Carrer del Carme, 3, 08001 Barcelona


41.3826794, 2.1713705





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