High school and university students work together to rediscover the important work of Antoni Tarrés

The goal of the work by Universitat de Barcelona, located in El Raval, is to rediscover the study and work of the important potter Antoni Tarrés. Tarrés is an important potter from the 19th century, well-known for his ability to make sculptural decorations on terracotta. Some of his work is still showing on facades at various buildings of Ciutat Vella.

The students of the Archeology degree of Universitat de Barcelona (UB) supervise the high school students, and the site also offers guided tours for the public. The students of Archeology will continue the tasks that are started in the previous courses. They will start an investigation of the remains of the workshop.

‘’The excavations carried out in 2015 brought to light a mill to crush clays, while last year another similar construction, also of round shape, was detected in the same space’’. The site has been in used for previous construction phases, which means that these excavations should be carried out with a lot of care in order to make sure the remains of the former potter’s workshop is not damaged.

‘’The faculty of Geography and History is located in a perfect place for the students. It is located in the Raval Neighborhood where archaeological testimonies have been documented. These testimonies date from the 14th century. The location offers students the possibility to do their internships in the same area where they study.’’

UB’s historical sites

 ‘’The UB also owns other sites located in various parts of Catalonia and covering all periods of time; such as Roman times, medieval times and even from the period of prehistory. The excavations on the Born district of Barcelona belong to the modern era, however, the site of the Faculty of Geography and History is part of contemporary times. Another site owned by UB is the underwater excavation in Deltebre.’’

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Source: lavanguardia.com
Photo credit: www.ub.edu