Barcelona Tourism is a hot topic. The city wants to manage it now. Metropolis office – its Diputació and Turisme departments – plan to share data with citizens. It has to help with their decision-making.

The City Council, Diputació and the consortium Turisme de Barcelona have promoted the Observatorio del Turisme de Barcelona in order to generate quantitative and qualitative data. This data will, then. allow them to manage Barcelona tourism with knowledge and share it with citizens, companies, and entities. Therefore, they can use them and make decisions.

The observatory will study tourism on three scales: Barcelona – with its districts and neighborhoods; its region – with the rest of municipalities and districts up to the provincial limit; and the sum of the city and the surroundings. Damià Serrano, the coordinator of the initiative, mentioned this during his presentation in the Espai Francesca Bonnemaison, managed by the Diputació de Barcelona.

Councilor for Tourism, Agustí Colom, has said that the solution’s idea is to promote city’s environment; for which data are required to be provided by the observatory. It represents a leap forward and will generate information that must be “scattered” to enable people in the region to make decisions.

A protest against tourists in Barcelona

The observatory will also include the data that have already generated during these years. Colom stressed that the ultimate goal of the City is that the observatory is a tool to serve the public and obtain knowledge, because “to change the state of things, one must know how they behave“.

The deputy of Tourism of the Diputació de Barcelona – Miquel Forns, informed that “the ambition is to transform the city and its regional environment” through this observatory. It must study the globality of tourism in order to draw conclusions and improve their promotion. This is for the benefit of quality of life of the residents and of the tourist experience of the visitors.

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Source: La Vanguardia