The Barcelona start-up that makes vegetable foods more palatable.

According to a recent study by The Green Power, in Spain there are already 3.5 million people who follow a vegan diet, vegetarian or “flexitarian” (as it is called those who have greatly reduced the consumption of original animal products) and, faced with such a promising market opportunity, many companies have aimed to design what will be the food of the future.

The main problem with this type of food is that “most people don’t like them and they are sold almost as if they were medicines”, explains the founder of Food for Tomorrow, whose goal is to make vegetable foods more attractive. He decided that what he had to reinvent in the world of vegetable proteins was the gastronomic experience, promoting them and taking them to the consumer.

The first product of Food of Tomorrow was “Heura”, made with water, soy concentrate, sunflower oil, salt, aroma and spices; whose flavour reminds of chicken. They elaborated “Heura” with a new productive method called extrusion with high humidity. Thanks to the changes in pressure, temperature and humidity, the structure of their soy protein is much more fibrous than that of other vegetable proteins. Once processed, it is cut and marinated so that the consumer only has to put it in the cooking pan.

The main purpose of this product is not only to satisfy vegetarians and vegans but above all to make easier the task of the chefs who until now have been in difficulty in their kitchens in the face of the veg’s requests. There are many starred chefs who have chosen “Heura” as an ideal alternative for vegetarians, vegans and for the new generation of consumers who are simply looking for new options in the food sector. Ferran Granado, chef of the emblematic Brasserie Flo de Barcelona, the Basque Culinary Center of San Sebastian, the Can Roca Celler and Xavier Pellicer are just some of the name that are adopted this new way to eat vegetable protein.

You can find “Heura” in a lot of restaurants here in Barcelona, and if you want to express yourself in the kitchen with this new approach, you can buy it at La Sirena supermarkets in different formats: morsels, strips and tacos;



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