Locals and marketers in Barceloneta and Gothic Quarter ask the city council to regulate bike taxis more

Bike-taxis make their way through Barcelona at a high speed, circulating around in crazy “S” shapes in front of restaurants and touristic zones while the passengers make photos and videos of the experience.

They usually ubicate themselves in front of the Museum of Catalan History where they try to attract tourists to make use of their services. Merchandisers and inhabitants of Barceloneta require the government to put end to the decontrol of the use of bike-taxis in the area.

bike taxis Barcelona“The situation is getting out of hands,” complains Óscar Manresa, the speaker of restaurants in the affected area. “I have to approach them and tell them they can’t park in front of restaurants to attract clients,” he continues. “Last summer, there were already too many bike-taxis there, but this year the situation is getting worse and worse,” Manresa adds.

In addition, most of them are illegal and some of them even offer marihuana to their clients. What’s more, young visitors of Barcelona asks the driver to ride as fast as possible in pedestrian zones to provide an ideal opportunity for perfect photos.

The locals don’t walk through the area around Paseo Joan de Bordó, that is affected the most, anymore. They claim that it is impossible since the promenade is overcrowded by tourists, bikes and now also by bike-taxis. Bike-taxis are taking over the district and don’t respect the locals and their private properties and privacy at all. They keep on riding under their windows playing loud music at day and night.

barcelona bike taxisIn the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, the vehicles create a big danger, especially to small children. Furthermore, they usually don’t have any registration number to identify them in case of a collision.

The city council of Barcelona promised that new regulations attaining bike-taxis in whole Ciutat Vella will come in effects from May 1st and last until October. However, locals argue that new measures should be put upon them not only during the main touristic season but all year round.

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Source: www.lavanguardia.es