Light installations brightened up Barcelona’s streets

Barcelona is a city of musicals, gastronomy, and theatre. Besides that, interesting events such as the Llum Barcelona light festival take place in the city. As a result, the streets of Barcelona’s Poblenou district lighted up during the weekend of February 15th, 16th, and 17th. During those days, the public could experience spectacular light installations and projections brightening up the darkness of the night.

There were fifty different installations concentrated in an imaginary triangle formed by the metro stations of Glòries, Bogatell, and Llacuna. According to the organizers, one of the main developments of this year’s edition was great diversity. Therefore, professionals from various fields took part. Local and international artists, designers and architects turned buildings into a canvas on which they projected full-color images and animations.

Among the twenty participants of the 2019 edition, we find artists of international recognition such as Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Daniel Canogar, pioneers of new digital tools such as the technologists Kyle McDonald and Joanie Lemercier, and other fundamental names in the new creative scenes of Barcelona.

Llum Barcelona ligh festival

Barcelona’s schools and universities of art, design, and architecture were involved likewise. Elisava, Massana, ETSAB, Institut del Teatre, IED, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona were some of them.

“The festival takes the art from galleries and schools of design to surprise the public. The installations transform ordinary places completely, even the very well-known ones,” explains Ma-ria Güell, the curator of the festival.

Güell believes the best way to experience this unusual festival is on foot and without a marked route. The main streets of the festival Badajoz, San-cho de Ávila and Pere IV were well lit to make pedestrians feel safe while walking in the area.

The most impressive spectacle was a video projection in which you could see hundreds of people climbing on a facade of the Disseny Hub Barcelona building. Moreover, the Glòries tower, formerly known as Agbar Tower lit up in with almost every color of the rainbow.

Llum Barcelona light festival 2019

Last year, the festival counted with a record number of 170 000 visitors. It was the first time when the event took place at the Poblenou district. Since it was a big success, they organized this year’s edition there as well. Before that, the festival had been happening in the streets of Ciutat Vella.

The popularity of Llum Bcn has grown really fast. What makes it different from other light festivals is the commitment to experimentation and innovation.  However, its main aim is not to make a franchise but to enrich Barcelona’s cultural life. The festival is organized annually and we are already excited to see what the next year’s edition brings.


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