Two amazing novels set in Barcelona, give you the chance to be involved in the magic and fantastic atmosphere. Have you ever try the literary tours?


Discover Barcelona through “The Shadow of the Wind”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón, one of Spain’s most famous contemporary writers, was born in Barcelona in 1964. He is the author of several bestsellers; such as The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game and The Prisoner of Heaven. His novels are thrilling while defined by a uniquely Gothic tone. His novels often represent young men shaping their futures surrounded by pain and anguish but always with something in the background that shapes their destiny, and this is the city of Barcelona.

In his representation, Barcelona is a city of mystery, silences, dark corners and the inexorable sense that the city is watching you. Definitely, this image is completely different from the sunny tourist paradise that everybody imagines. In “The shadow of the wind”, in which the Catalan writer recreated a mid-twentieth-century Barcelona, one of the character said: “This city is a witch, you know, Daniel? It gets inside the skin and steal you the soul without you can even realize that”

Now you can revive The shadow of the wind” discovering the intriguing and fantastic Barcelona of Carlos Ruiz Zafón: you will stroll through the stages of the Sempere and Julián Carax, the Rambla de Santa Monica, the Plaza Real, the Calle del Call, the Baixada de la Llibreteria and the splendid Santa María del Mar until you reach the Paseo de la Bonanova.

Barcelona's Gothic quarter | © Leandro Neumann Ciuffo / Flickr

You will be captivated by the charm of the scenarios of the book, perfectly explained by a guide who will make you feel the protagonist of the book experiencing the sites where the magic of Barcelona of the early 20th century is breathed. During the tour, you will discover the successful style of Ruiz Zafón, but also the lies about Barcelona that are in his novels. 

The author himself, during an interview, said that even if he tried to base the novel on the real Barcelona, he wasn’t doing a report or a social chronicle of the city. For these reasons, he changed things and saw Barcelona from another perspective. Zafón’s Barcelona is a literary creation, is a character itself, a world that is not the real world. He said: “As you can create a character that doesn’t exist you can also use a shop that was not yet open at a certain time and then amalgamate things, like putting a bookstore in a glove shop…”

Everyone should come and have this literary tour experience. Those who have read the novel, will remember its unique fragments; but those who do not, for sure will finish the route wanting to read it!

What is included in the tour?

  • 2 hours 30 minutes or tour together with a professional guide

When: every Saturday at 17 h from November to May and at 18 h from June to October.
Languages: Spanish and English
Meeting Point: Rambla Sta. Mónica, 9. Metro L3, estación Drassanes. Bus 14, 59, 91 y 120. Barcelona Bus Turístic, bust stop Colom-Museu Marítim.
Ticket: The price for the tour is just 14€ and if you book the ticket online you can have 10% discount

Discover Barcelona through “Cathedral of the sea”

“The cathedral of the sea” from Ildefonso Falcones, is the second novel that we present as the protagonist of the second tour that you can experience visiting Barcelona. Falcones’ work is the most fascinating and ambitious recreation of the lights and shadows of the feudal era.

With this second route that we propose, you will tour the stages of this exciting novel that, after almost 700 years, still have vestiges of the feudal era. Beginning in Plaça Nova, the guide will take you through Barcelona of the XIV century. This is the time when the city is in its most prosperous moment and the inhabitants decide to build; with some money as well as the effort of others, the temple Mariano better known as Santa María del Mar, one of the most emblematic monuments of Barcelona, located in El Born neighbourhood.

This Tour presents you an alternative way to get around the city under Ildefonso Falcones’ guidance and his most famous novels because he mentions also other main points of the city; such as Plaça Sant Jaume (where you can find the Generalitat and the City Hall) or Argenteria street.

So let’s the pages come alive through these two fantastic literary routes …

What’s included in the tour?

  • 2 hours 30 minutes or tour together with a professional guide

When: every Sunday at 10 h.
Languages: Spanish.
Meeting Point: Santa María del Mar. Metro L4, estación Jaume I. Bus 17, 39, 45, 51, 120 y V17. Barcelona Bus Turístic, parada Pla de Palau.
Ticket: The price for the tour is just 14€ and if you book the ticket online you can have 10% discount

If you don’t want to lose the opportunity to go through the scenarios of these two amazing novels, don’t miss these literary routes that offer you the chance to take a trip around the magic Barcelona of “La Sombra del Viento” and the fantastic Barcelona of “La Catedral del Mar”.


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