The construction of the temple was legalized after 134 years.

La Sagrada Familia has initiated its new phase. After formal approval of the construction after 134 years, the temple has entered the final stage of development of its tallest towers that dominate the temple and make it the tallest building in Barcelona. The growth of the towers is the most dominant element marking the construction process that can be easily seen from the street. Both towers of Jesucristo and María are expected to be finished until 2020.

Last October, the basilica experienced an important moment in its history. The construction of the tower of Jesucristo began. 8 stone panels were added onto the first level. It didn’t take long until the works reached the second level and high of 95, 68 meters. The highest spire of Sagrada Familia will be 172,5 meters high. However, at the moment, it is still shadowed by other towers that are currently in construction. The towers already standing reached a bit above 100 meters.

sagrada familia construction

As a religious building, La Sagrada Familia is excluded from some taxes and additional charges that private owners have to pay. By legalization of the construction, La Sagrada Familia agreed on economical co-responsibility for its visitors with the city and Eixample district.

The final land usage of the temple is previewed to be 53 495 square meters, from which only 15 000 square meters will be stairs. The final price of the basilica should be calculated based on these figures. It should be finished by 2026.


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