Barcelona welcomes new technologies!

Technologies and digital media are constantly evolving and developing everywhere around the world. You have to have structures to promote the newest products. And Barcelona is home to the biggest event of the year with the famous Mobile World Congress! However, the city won’t stop with mobiles. It plans to organize the Barcelona Industry Week from October 1st till October 6th at the Fira of Barcelona! Organized around 8 different exhibitions, the goal of the event isn’t only to show the newest products to the public but also to show the impact of new technologies on the industrial economy. The organizers see this event as a way to put Barcelona as the fourth city to know an industrial revolution.

With more than 68,000m² of space, the Industry Week will receive more than 1,000 companies, 50,000 professionals and 850 lecturers. It’s the second biggest event in Barcelona after the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

barcelona industry week

What will be at the event?

Taking place at the same time of the World Congress of Chemical Engineering for the first time in Spain, reuniting more than 3 000 delegates. And also a particular guest, Sophia, the most advanced humanoid robot on the planet, will visit Spain for the first time ever!

“The fourth industrial revolution needs a solid base to be possible, the sector demands concrete solutions”
– says Pilar Navarro, director of the business unit.

Let alone scientific and technological developments, the Industry Week will also showcase the latest 3D printing technology. It uses biodegradable and PVC (in the perspective of reducing the usage of plastics materials that damage the environment. In addition, it showcases the newest internet-related things. The event will as well hold a forum for the first ever. It regards blockchain, a brand new technology invented and created for digital currency, made as a digital secured lock for your accounts.

“The world is more and more connected to the Deep Web now, but it’s time to accelerate the different processes of collaboration with organizations such as Save the Children”
– insisted Roger Bou, director of IOT Solutions World Congress.

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