U.S. Startup EatWith, the ‘Airbnb For Home-Cooked Meals’ was acquired from VizEat, the European ‘social eating platform’.

About EatWith

EatWith is a U.S. startup founded in 2012 by Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarzwants. They launched it in the wave of the sharing economy started in 2007 with Airbnb. Their purpose is to connect hosts and guest for a local and authentic hospitality experience.

With EatWith, hosts are not sharing their room for a certain amount of night. They are only sharing their living room and their cooking skills to create a unique social experience. Here, guests get to know one another while eating an home-cooked meal.

The company during the years could develop a platform with hosts in 50 countries around the world. It offers up meals to travellers who, during their holidays, want to try the local cuisine and the real atmosphere of the place they are visiting. Furthermore, this platform also had great repercussion through locals who would just like to meet new people.

About VizEat

After the success this platform had around the world, a lot of entrepreneurs decide to invest on a similar business. They will obviously bring some modification to the original concept to create their own company based on the collaborative gastronomy.

This is the case of VizEat, the European “social eating platform”, founded in July 2014. It decided to build a platform that connects tourist seeking an authentic local dining experience with hosts happy to cook and invite strangers into their homes.

The success of this company was for sure the timing of his foundation; because its model taps into a shift of travellers behaviours that were starting to seek bespoke experiences instead of the off-the-shelf and all-inclusive holidays. Another aspect of its success is that VizEat is partnering with the travel industry and marketing the service also to business travellers and not just tourists. In this way they can counterbalance the seasonality of tourism, ensuring that hosts can invite guests to their dinner table throughout the entire year.

The acquisition of the two social eating platform

This amazing development gives to the company more power into the business market that allowed the acquisition in 2015 of the French early pioneer Cookening, and fresh news of last week, the acquisition also of the U.S. competitor EatWith.

With this last acquisition, VizEat will be taken EatWith.com as an entire entity expanding its global offering of immersive food experiences with locals. Now the startup can count with more than 20,000 experiences across 110 countries. But with the incorporation of the American company, VizEat is becoming the leader in the area of the social eating experiences with locals defining a vanguardist startup of the sharing economy within the food and travel sectors.

At the moment VizEat offers more than 100 experiences in the Catalan Capital. If you are coming to Barcelona, a VizEat food experience with locals can definitely be the highlight of your trip. You don’t have to radically change your travel habits. Just forget the word restaurant if you want to enjoy this great experience to the fullest. You will also know a little bit more the Spanish and Catalan culture.

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Source: techcrunch.com
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