In the biggest European stadium, thousands of people have been making superb atmosphere over the years there. But it changed during Sunday’s game against Real Madrid. Why?

After 13th of August Spanish Supercup clash between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, Spanish – and especially the Catalan ones – media noticed one very interesting fact. The Camp Nou changed. In fact, it transformed from the capital of sports emotions into one of Barcelona’s “must see” places. Thousands of tourists came into the stadium and… made the atmosphere totally different than ever.

A number of people who aren’t actually football fans and aren’t connected with Barcelona are not the only weird things about the last game. For example, Isco and Marcelo – top Madrid’s players – received ovations after their top-quality actions just in the beginning of the game. As everyone knows – Barca and Real are the two big opponents and treat each other as biggest enemies, as well. It makes the described situations even stranger. When you go back to the Clasicos that were played at the Camp Nou just one or two years ago then you know that such a thing would be unthinkable.

Forget about pictures like the one underneath.

Camp Nou FC Barcelona

La Vanguardia journalists say it looked rather like this one below:

Camp Nou Barcelona

Spanish press says the fact of Barca’s stadium admiration for Real players was also noticeable forthe people watching the game on the television. So there wasn’t only a small group supporting also both teams at the same time, but thousands of them. As  La Vanguardia writes, this could be because of lots of tourists that were at the Camp Nou. They don’t understand the difference between the two hostile clubs and just want to give their support to every football star they watch live. It looks quite weird and pitifully for FC Barcelona’s local fans.

The middle of August is just perfect time for the visitors to come and watch Europe’s most popular game. Players who still remember last clashes between both teams were surely surprised with that. During last years’ matches, there were dozens of quarrels among the fans and the footballers, too. This time, the atmosphere at the stadium was almost… family.

Will it transform the stadium to just one of the city’s attractions? Maybe. Anyway, you can check it yourself going to the Camp Nou. There are still many tickets for August’s and September games. You can buy it, among others, HERE.  And there are some matches, in spite of all, that should be quite emotional.

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