The candidate for re-election proposes to make T-jove monthly for 30 euros

On May 26th, the municipal elections are taking place in the city of Barcelona. Ada Colau is running for re-election as Mayor and as part of her campaign she is proposing several changes concerning the public transportation sector and the security department of the city. The Mayor wants to reduce Barcelona public transport prices.

First of all, Colau contemplates the application of a surcharge to the tourist tax in order to improve public transportation as a way to provide this sector with “stable funding”. Also, in a press conference at the agency Efe, Colau has proposed lowering the price of the T-Mes by 14 euros as well as making T-Jove monthly at the price of 30 euros to encourage public transport among young people. Whereas T-16 would cover three zones, instead of just one. With these few changes, the Mayor pointed out that T-Mes should become the most popular pass among regular users of public transport, increasing the use of public transportation.

In addition, she has proposed the reduction of the metro frequencies to two and a half minutes. Moreover, she claims it is necessary that public transport is “more affordable”. Colau reiterated that she would maintain the levels of investment in public transport that Barcelona has had during her current mandate. 

Finally, the Mayor insisted that Barcelona does not have a problem of “generalized insecurity”. Instead, it has “specific security problems”, especially the narco-rings and thefts. After criticizing the deficit of Mossos d’Esquadra (Police Force of Catalonia) in the city and the Interior Minister, Miquel Buch, who has not responded to the demands that she’s been claiming for “months”, Colau has insisted on the need of a specialized prosecutor’s office in robberies. “We need a specific strategy for these crimes,”  said the Mayor, who also stated that they represent more than 90% of the crimes that occur in Barcelona.

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