The number of international tourists in Barcelona increased in 2018, and so did their spendings

Not only there were more international tourists in Barcelona in 2018 than in the previous year, but they also spent more money, both individually and globally. The number of international visitors increased to a little over 12 million with 15,8 million tourists coming to Barcelona in total. According to the statistics, it’s 4,3 % more than in 2017. Furthermore, the number of money they spent in the Catalan capital was calculated to 13 420 million Euros and it marked an increase of 6,9 % comparing to the previous year.

These figures manifest that the popularity of Barcelona in other countries is really strong and that its economic impact has been evolving very positively. They seem to mark a recovery from a lower touristic activity of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. That decrease was caused mainly by the terroristic attack at La Rambla and political insecurity provoked by Catalan independence referendum.

tourism barcelonaHowever, not all spendings of international tourists rose in 2018. Sectors like gastronomy, entertainment, shopping, and public transport counted with an average of 361,76 Euros spent per person, which is 8,5 % more than in 2017. On the contrary, spendings on travels to enter and leave the country fell down. This is mainly because of popular touristic packages. The statistics show that many people, in particular, 8,1 % of international tourists, traveled to Barcelona purchasing touristic packages including transport, accommodation, and tickets to the main places of interest.

Every international tourist who visited Barcelona in 2018 put 40,5 % of his spendings to the transport to and from Barcelona, 25 % to accommodation, and 33,6 % to expenses during his stay in the city. From the total number of 12 million of international tourists, 8 million of them were accommodated in a hotel, which is 5,2 % more than in 2017.

tourism BarcelonaTourists from the USA visited Barcelona the most. Around 850 000 US visitors came to Barcelona in 2018, which is a prominent increase of 16,8 % compared to the previous year. The second position belongs to the United Kingdom with 680 000 visitors coming to the Catalan capital. Similarly, a higher number of British people traveled to the Catalan capital in 2018. The United Kingdom is followed by France with 650 000 visitors, Italy with 510 000 visitors, and Germany with 425 000 visitors. Other prominent nationalities taking a trip to Barcelona are Japanese and Russian, who, however, dropped in number since 2014.


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