Barcelona’s town hill opens a procedure for the illicit pet trade in popular online selling platforms

The City Council of Barcelona has confirmed that the ads on Vibbo and MilAnuncios web portals do not respect the current regulations on the sale of animals, putting them in unsafe conditions. For this reason, Barcelona’s town hill has required the withdrawal of these illegal ads and the companies were warned to be fined with penalties that may reach a maximum of 600,000 euros along with the prohibition to act in the Spanish State for two years. With this requirement, Barcelona becomes the first Spanish city that has opened an administrative procedure for the illicit trade of animals. Specifically, the requirement informs that the companies are in breach of the Protection, Tenure and Sale of Animals Ordinance, regarding the sale of dogs or cats.

For example, the ordinance expressly prohibits the raising of domestic animals in private homes; only the breeding of companion animals is permitted in cases where the activity as such is legalized. The law also makes clear that dog’s and cat’s puppies cannot be sold before eight weeks of age and those pets have to be sterilized or delivered with a contractual prescription for sterilization. It must also include the identification in the advertisements of the registration number of Zoological Centers as breeder or establishment. In addition, the City Council has informed the companies that their collaboration will be required to identify the people responsible for the announcements detected that do not comply with current regulations. This is the first time in the entire State that an administrative procedure is promoted to combat the illicit trade of animals online.

The Protection, Tenancy, and Sale of Animals Ordinance establish that dog’s and cat’s puppies cannot be sold before eight weeks of age. In addition, companion animals have to be sterilized or delivered with a contractual sterilization requirement. The Consistory takes advantage of the requirement to remind citizens about the responsibility of having a pet. Thus, remember that a pet must be identified, registered and must have the necessary veterinary attention: food, space and hygiene, socialization, leisure, exercise, respect, and love of their family. At the Barcelona Animal Shelter Center there are more than 300 animals, between dogs and cats, waiting to be adopted. This legal measure started in Barcelona will hopefully have positive implications all around the country, encouraging more ethical behaviors in citizens and among the authorities.  

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