Start: January 22, 2020
12:00 am
End: February 10, 2020
12:00 am

Event Venue


GPS: 41.3850639, 2.1734034999999

Sâlmon Dance Festival Barcelona 2020

The Sâlmon Dance Festival in Barcelona is one of the many festivals Barcelona has during the year. For the Sâlmon Dance Festival, it is already the 7th edition that will happen in 2020. It always takes place at the beginning of the year, mostly from the end of January till the beginning of February. In 2020 it will take place from 22nd of January 2020 till the 10th of February 2020. So save the date!

The Sâlmon Dance Festival Barcelona focuses on the experimentation, research and the value that is put into processes. The festival promotes a state of encounter between different communities such as artists, public, professionals, where the distance between actors-producers-consumers becomes smaller. It does not focus on the commodification of artistic works but on the transmission of content and a way of doing things.

The festival also mutates form and content, both artistically and organisationally. The Sâlmon Dance Festival in Barcelona emphasises Fabra i Coats – Fábrica de Creación as the headquarters of the ARTthinking (education and culture) as the centre of the openness of the city. Definitely a radical festival, but with an independent outlook and a public dependence.

The Sâlmon Dance Festival has become a more open, collective and city space festival in the last couple of years. The organisation wants to mark the path towards emancipation and therefore it will be the last edition in which the Graner and the Mercat de les Flors will have differentiated roles as organisers and curators of the event. The festival is changing into a festival of living arts of the city, with a collective direction between different spaces of the city and with a shared management model.

The festival is available for everyone and it definitely a big event in the city of Barcelona. So are you in Barcelona during this period, make sure that you check this great festival out!

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