August 21, 2020
12:00 am

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The festa dels foguerons de Gràcia or Fireruns of Gracia is a Mallorcan celebration transferred to the Barcelona neighbourhood. It consists above all of a display of popular culture, both of the Principality and of Mallorca, with the Capgrossos are also made of papier-mâché, but as the name suggests (thick heads), they are grotesquely large heads that the straps sit on, castellers (human towers) and Giants, among others. Although it is an imported tradition, it has fully surrounded the Gràcia neighbourhood and the veïns the sentence with its own.

We have information from the 15th century about devils taking part in the Barcelona procession. As time passed though, this theatrical entremès declined and was forgotten, the opposite to what happened in the Camp de Tarragona, Gran Penedès and Garraf regions. It was only when democracy arrived and the streets were reclaimed as a festival space that new colles de diables (devil firerunners) appeared in Barcelona. These devil groups, in contrast to the historical ones that had survived, have moved away from the traditional evolution, under the influence of the correfoc that arose almost spontaneously in Barcelona as a game between the devil, the devil’s fire and the public. And one of the more recent features that should be noted in all this evolutionary process is the drive and dynamism the colles infantils have acquired. Take care of yourself, because the FIRERUNS could be dangerous for your face or eyes. So it’s a good advise to put glasses on and use hats or caps for your head.

The Festa Major de Gràcia is always from the 15th August to 21st August. So the Foguerons in Spanish or Correfoc in Catalan, are at the last day of the famous street festival in Gracia and they are marking the last event of the Festival. The best thing is that its totally for free and takes place on the streets of old Gracia.

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