Start: October 2, 2020
8:00 pm
End: January 1, 2021
10:30 pm

Event Venue

Arc de Triomf, 08018 Barcelona

GPS: 41.3918835, 2.1805994

Massa Crítica BCN

“Get on your bikes and ride!” Freddie Mercury used to shout on Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” hit back in 1978. And the Critical Mass movement has the same message for you! Just get on your bike and join other enthusiast cyclists for a ride around Barcelona.

The Critical Mass movement

Critical Mass is a movement that takes place every month in numerous cities around the world. From Los Angeles to Barcelona, and from Frankfurt to New York, thousands of bicycle lovers meet up every first Friday of the month and start riding the streets of their own city. It was started in San Francisco in 1992 by cyclists and activists. They wanted to increase the visibility of cyclists and claim public space by making social use of the streets on a regular basis.

critical mass sticker barcelona

It is not an organization nor a manifestation. It is not a race of course, but only a monthly mass bicycle ride. As a consequence, it has no leaders or organizers who authorize the rides. The ride mostly organizes itself. It’s only men and women, young and old riding their bikes all together. It’s a group of cyclists who meet up at the same place and time and decide to ride together for a while.

What does Critical Mass stand for?

The purpose of the movement is to bring awareness on a sustainable city model and to claim cyclists’ rights. They want to change the way life is organized. In order to do so they aim to build a social movement that is as broad-based and inclusive as possible. But this doesn’t mean they are angry anti-motorist activists. Instead, the movement promotes an understanding of the social forces that drive people into cars.

critical mass ride in barcelona

During the Critical Mass rides, cyclists talk and create a debate by handing flyers to motorized vehicles. The movement promotes an open approach that invites motorists to join in. Critical Mass cyclists have circulated dozens of flyers over the years criticizing bad behavior towards all those who have a different idea of the society. Because at the end of the day everything they want is to make a positive change in our society.

When and where

So, whether you are a social activist, a bicycle lover or you are just curious about this interesting movement check the info below to join in!

  • When: every first Friday of the month
  • Where: meeting point at Arc de Triomf, Barcelona at 8 p.m.

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