Start: February 20, 2020
12:00 am
End: February 26, 2020
12:00 am

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Carneval in Barcelona? Yeah you heard right. There is also in the early year of 2020 a huge Carnival in Barcelona. The Celebrations are in February all over the city.
The special customs and the typical disguises and masks make this carnival so worth seeing. Also and above all children will love the carnival in Barcelona. If you rather count yourself to the carnival muffle and want to escape from the foolish hustle and bustle, we can reassure you. In Barcelona, El Carnaval is not as ubiquitous in the “fifth season” as e.g. the Mainzer or Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet in Germany. But if the city should have to save again, then even the big move is simply cancelled. Also the carnival in Spain begins with the “dirty Thursday” (old woman carnival), in Barcelona this day is called Jueves Ladero – greasy Thursday, or Dijous grass in Catalan. This day is dedicated to the “greasy” and “vicious”. There are many celebrations, where a lot of food is eaten.


The weekend belongs to the carnival guilds. Highlight is the “La Taronjada“. After the parade there is a battle with balloons and orange confetti bombs. Originally one threw oneself with oranges. On Ash Wednesday the Carnaval comes to an end with the burial of the sardine. The king carnival dies and is carried in a funeral procession by his widow and her companions to grave – the colorful costumes are suitably exchanged for black mourning dresses. Traditionally, fish is eaten on this day.

One of the main attractions is the famous Gran Rua Carnival procession that has not taken place since 2011. However, there are many smaller carnival events that take place in the districts. We recommend the festivities and processions of the Old Town district Born/Ribera. So Carneval is one of the main attractions you should not miss if you are traveling to Barcelona. This Event shows the Carnival in a Mediterranean setting in Barcelona. It’s worth a trip.

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