Start: June 18, 2020
12:00 am
End: August 27, 2020
12:00 am

Event Venue

Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, 08038 Barcelona

GPS: 41.3687769, 2.1477539

Barrica Rock&Grill – Limited Edition

The Barrica Rock&Grill festival is the most awaited event by the rock music and street food lovers in Barcelona. The festival will delight the public with live open air music. Here, the tribute bands of ones of the most eminent rock groups in the history will gather to unleash tones of energy and share their love for rock music with the public. And of course, some good food is perfect for compensating wasted energy. Hence, at Barrica Rock&Grill festival you’ll find tasty grill food that can be perfect accompanied by some good Spanish beer. Come and enjoy!

ZZ show top experience at Barrica Rock&Grill

 The Festival

Barrica Rock&Grill is an open air festival which combine the good rock music with tasty grill food. The rock bands will perform on the stage of Poble Espanyol in Barcelona and will make an amazing live show. As every year, the bands will bring tribute to the most emblematic rock groups in the history. Therefore, popular songs of groups like AC/DC, ZZ Top, Metallica or Depp Purple will loudly resonate in the city.

As we mentioned before, the good music will be accompanied by delicious food and drink. So, you can’t miss the savory hamburgers, ribs and other grill dishes. Also, you should combine the rock rhythm and tasty food with a good  traditional Spanish beer from Mahou Barrica, a beer with big personality.

grill food in Barcelona

Program Barrica Rock&Grill

The concerts take place every Thursday at 21:00 in June, July and August in Poble Espanyol. See the exact program of the festival below:

  • Thursday, June 18: Attitude For Destruction BCN (tribute to Guns N’Roses)
  • Thursday, June 25: The Wires (tribute to AC / DC)
  • Thursday, July 2: Californicators (tribute to Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • Thursday, July 9: ZZ Show “Top Experience” (tribute to ZZ Top)
  • Thursday, July 16: Synchronicity (tribute to The Police)
  • Thursday, July 23: Auger (tribute to Barricada)
  • Thursday, July 30: Casino Montreux (tribute to Deep Purple)
  • Thursday, August 6: Willy and the Poor Boys (tribute to Creadence Clearwater Revival)
  • Thursday, August 13: Seek’em all (tribute to Metallica)
  • Thursday, August 20: The Kozmic Band (tribute to Janis Joplin)
  • Thursday, August 27: Kiss Of Death (tribute to Kiss)


Due to special measures to take for COVID-19, the concerts will be seated.

There is a limited capacity of 400 people.

Double validation entry:

  • The first validation allow you the access to Poble Espanyol at any time;
  • The second validation allow you the access to your seat.

Access times by zone:

  • Zone A: 15 minuts before the concert starts;
  • Zone B: 30 minuts before the concert starts;
  • Zone C: 45 minuts before the concert starts.

Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village)

Poble Espanyol is the place in Barcelona where Barrica Rock&Grill festival takes place. The Spanish Village is an open-air museum that was build for an International Exhibition in 1929. It’s a place which concentrate the Spanish culture and architecture. There is a lot to see and do. Thus, you can find in Poble Espanyol lots of artisan shops and workshops, bars, restaurants, a contemporary art museum, a sculpture garden, culinary workshops and Flamenco shows. Beside the Barrica Rock&Grill festival, there are many others cultural events organized in the Spanish village. In addition, Poble Espanyol is located in Montjuïc neighborhood of Barcelona, an amazing place which offers a beautiful view of the city.

poble espanyol museum in Barcelona

How to get to Poble Espanyol

Public transport:

  • Metro: Espanya Station (Line 1 and Line 3)
  • Bus: Poble Espanyol (Lines 13, 23 and 150)
  • Ferrocarriles Catalanes FGC: Espanya Station
Fees & Tickets
The ticket price starts from 10€
The price depends on the selected Zone
Accommodation near Poble Espanyol