Start: February 16, 2021
12:00 am
End: February 24, 2021
12:00 am

Event Venue

Palau de la musica catalana

GPS: 41.3875752, 2.1753128

Barcelona Music Concerts in February

Happy New Year to everyone!!! How was your dinner? Did you ate the 12 grapes as the spanish tradition says? Well we sincerely hope you have spent an amazing Christmas holidays. We want everyone to cheer up for this new year. What better way than festivals and music concerts for that? So to start the year with good news here we give you a whole list of all the Barcelona Music Concerts during the month of February! Continue reading to check the dates and buy the tickets!

barcelona music concert

Live Music Concerts

Sílvia Pérez Cruz Estrena

This amazing spanish singer is will participate in the Voll-Damm Jazz Festival celebrated in Barcelona. The date is the 16th of February and the location is the Sala Barts in Barcelona. You can’t miss the chance to hear her sing!

Miguel Poveda

Miguel Poveda is one of the most famous Flamenco singers in Spain, besides he is from Barcelona! So we are lucky enough to say that he will be singing in the Voll-Damm Jazz Festival too. He is a very well known singer in Spain and very well deserved as listening to him is such an impressive experience! The location is the Palau de la Música Catalana and the date is the 17th of February.

DeMarco Flamenco

Going on with Flamenco, we have also the presence of Marco Jesús in Barcelona. He is a Flamenco singer from Sevilla. He will be taking part in the Festival Mil·lenni, the date is the 18th of February and the location is th Sala Razzmatazz 1.

barcelona music concerts

Nil Moliner

Changing a little bit the genre, we have the concert of the catallonian singer Nil Moliner! He is a composer and singer ready to cheer up everybody as his music makes you feel happiness and the need of standing up and dance. This concert will be in Sala Razzmatazz 1 as well and the date is the 19th of February.

Vicente Amigo Sentidos

Vicente Amigo is one of the most virtuous guitar players in Spain. The opportunity to listening to him playing the guitar is something absolutely breathtaking. He will playing on the Palau de Música Catalana the 19th of February too, being part of the Voll-Damm Jazz Festival.

Billy Nomates

She is a singer who will be playing at VOL Barcelona on the 19th of February (choosing one of the concerts on this day will be very difficult).

Carles Benavent – Tino di Geraldo – Jorge Pardo Flamenco Leads

Didn’t you have enough reasons to assist to Voll-Damm Jazz Festival? The list doesn’t end! And it only gets better. This concert will take place in the Sala Barts on the 24th of February, being the last of the month!


All the Barcelona Music Concerts will be safe and following with the rules and measures due to COVID-19. We hope you enjoy your favorites! Also, don’t hesitate to look for an apartment in Barcelona-Home if you don’t live in Barcelona, we take care of everything! Be safe.

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