Start: March 1, 2021
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End: March 31, 2021
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Exhibitions in Barcelona during the month of March

We all know the Covid-19 is hitting hard. Specially to the culture sector or hostelry as we can see due to the restrictions. But it is our duty to try to support this sectors and to not leave them fall apart! This is why we bring you all the information you need to know about Barcelona Exhibitions! We have to try to uphold the culture. Of course, following all the health measures so we can all enjoy this exhibitions safely. All of the museums, galleries or temporary exhibitions have adapted to the restrictions. Want to find out which exhibitions you can’t miss out? Continue reading.

Temporary Barcelona Exhibitions

1. Banksy Exhibition in Barcelona

“The World of Banksy”. The king of the street art arrives to Barcelona. You all probaly know Banksy. Or maybe you think you don’t, but trust us, you sure have seen many of his art in pictures from all over the world. The unknow artist has become a legend now. This exhibition already succeded enormously in Paris, and now we have it here. One of the curiosities about it is that it is actually not approved by the artist. Neither “he” is gaining any money with it. The artist actually rejects the comercialization of art. The exhibition is composed of two parts: one with canvases and one with murals. All of them are copies, as his art remains in the streets.

The exhibition is taking place in the Espacio Trafalgar in Barcelona. You can already enjoy it if you are around Barcelona, and of course, during the whole month of march. The people capacity is reduced and all the measures are followed. The entry price is 12€.

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2. “Arte y Mito. Los dioses del Prado”

This exhibition is taking place in Caixaforum and it gathers some of the most emblematic paintings and sculptures from “El museo del Prado” in Madrid. The paintings are all regarding the mythology and gods, giving us a whole perspective. This is a great opportunity to see some of the treasures of El Prado in Barcelona! Apart from the artowrks, the exhibition also includes a consideration on how the myths have survived and evolved along history.

Plan your visit as it finishes the 14 of march. The place is Caixaforum in Barcelona. The visit hours are from 10am to 8pm everyday (including festive ones) and the price is 6€. Due to Covid-19 you have to buy the tickets in advanced online.

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3. Los cuadernos de Picasso

Are you a Picasso lover? Lucky you! In Barcelona you not only have the Picasso Museum, but also this great temporary exhibition. “Los cuadernos de Picasso” (Picasso Notebokes). This exhibition will be taking place in Picasso Museum of Barcelona until the 4th of april. You can visit it during the whole month of march. In it you will find all the drawings of the artists’ notebooks. A whole trip along the creative process of the famous artist. If you are planning to visit the museum take this chance to also have a look at this exhibition. The time is now!

This museum (as many others in Barcelona) has a free entry the first sunday of each month. The entrance is also free at this museum on thursdays at 5pm.

4. Hermitage. El patrimonio Salvado.

This exhibition conmemorates the victory over the nazis. All the artworks come from the Hermitage museum in San Petersburg. The artworks are more than 100 photographies and paintings that were saved and survived to the seigo to Leningrado. It is the 75th anniversary to the victory.

The exhibition will be taking place until the 31st of march. The entrance is for free and the visiting hours are from 4pm to 8pm. You can take the tickets online in advance.

5. Activistas por la vida

If you are interested in photography, and moreover in human rights and in our natural environment, this barcelona exhibition is for you. The photographer is Gervasio Sánchez. In his photographies he shows the fight of many activists who have been supporting this social issues for years. Specifically, the photographies are in Guatemala and Honduras. Totally worthy and beautiful to see.

You have the chance to visit it until the 14th of march. It is located in the centre Santa Mónica in Las Ramblas.

Additional information

We hope you find all this barcelona exhibitions interesting and nurturing. We all have to make an effort to support the culture, and specially art. All the exhibitions will follow the security and health measures of Catalonia and Spain. For any more specific information of each museum or gallery visit their pages where you can have the online tickets in advance. The art and the culture are safe!

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