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World Press Photo Barcelona

World Press Photo is an international photo contest with a deep idea of showing the most powerful and meaningful photos taken around the whole world. The idea of the contest was created in 1955 by a group of Dutch photographers. Over decades, photography has made more sophisticated, taken with better technology, with a bigger emphasis on the quality and story behind it. And that´s the whole idea of the World Press Photo – to impress, to make people feel and think.

Nowadays, the exhibitions are organized in more than 100 cities and 45 countries and worldwide over 4 million people come to visit the exhibitions of the best photos taken during the year. The photo contest is divided into different categories:

  • contemporary issues
  • environment
  • general news
  • long-term project
  • nature
  • people
  • sports
  • spot news

Every year, the best 3 shots from every category are called, but you will see much more pictures in the exhibition. The World Press Photo Barcelona arrives into the city every year displaying the very best press photos from all around the world. In 2018, it was the 14th time World Press Photo was presented in Barcelona to give the audience the chance to see the most amazing pieces of photography from the past year in CCCB. The event is recognized as the largest exhibition in the area of photojournalism.


World Press Photo of the Year award has been given annually since 1955 and is the highlight award every year. The best photo is chosen among over 73,000 pictures, sent from around 125 different countries. The winning picture in 2018, Venezuela Crisis (see the picture below), was taken by Ronaldo Schemidtthe photojournalist from Venezuela, who also photographed other important events in Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil. The picture is taken in Caracas, during the protest against the president Nicolás Maduro.

The organizers believe, that the contest is not only about the high-quality photos, but mainly about the story caught behind the picture. Therefore they organize various public events, digital storytelling contest, create online magazine, printed books and try to encourage their idea also through the website and social media.


All the prize-winning photos are shown at the exhibition, showing you the most breathtaking and unforgettable moments captured with a camera. The exhibition is located in CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporária de Barcelona). Check the website of World Press Photo, where more information about next year´s exhibition will be published soon. Do not miss this event in 2019 in Barcelona, you won´t regret!

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