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what to do this Halloween

What to do this Halloween?

Activities for Halloween 2019

Have a fang-tastic night this Halloween!

Are you one of those die-hards who spend multiple hours on creating a costume for Halloween? Or do you love to celebrate Halloween because of the great parties? There’s plenty of activities for anyone who has been looking forward to Halloween and they’re all listed below. So go ahead and pick the one that suits your needs, and if you can’t pick one, there’s activities spread throughout the week so you can celebrate multiple times! If you don’t have any costume yet, don’t worry. This time of year, there’ll be plenty of shops selling costumes so you’ll be sure to find one that’ll suit you perfectly! You’ll come across these shops soon enough once you start discovering Barcelona.

Truco o Trato

Truco o Trato or in English known as Trick or Treat, is evidently the activity that’ll attract the largest groups of people. Many families with children will be walking through the streets to spend their evening going from door to door. It’s the perfect event to get your Halloween night started and get dressed up for. You’ll only have one chance to do this each year, as this only occurs on the 31st of October of course. Save the date and join the celebrations with your friends and family.


Barcelona Halloween Ghost Hunt

Are you looking to discover some haunting secrets of Barcelona? Then this scavenger hunt might just be up your alley! Between 12pm and 5.30pm there will be artists ready to paint your face in the most terrifying figures, this will cost you €8 euros. However after 6 pm you can get smaller designs painted on you, but these designs will be for free. Between 7 and 8 pm there’ll be a halloween-themed bar for which you must buy an additional ticket of 5 euros to be able to get inside. The scavenger hunt itself starts at 8pm and by 11.30pm everyone will have finished the tour. You have to make reservations for this tour ass the ticketts are selling fast! There is a check-in in advance to make sure everyone can start around 8pm and afterwards you’ll all enjoy the afterparty together. The tour itself costs 25 euros.


Everyone who likes halloween, usually likes dressing up as well. However, there are a lot of bars who want to take it to the next level. Firebug is one of those bars who often organise a competition to see who dresses up the best. You can win a prize and even if you don’t participate, you’ll see some of the best costumes around you. There will be other bars organising similar things, so make sure you look terrifying and you just might win a prize!

Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol is great to visit during the year, but might be even better to visit it during the fall break. They decorate the village especially for Halloween and organise lots of activities for children. There will be a treasure hunt, scary costume contest, fantastic terror tunnel, many mysterious tales to be told and well, we can’t spoil everything of course, so be sure to go see for yourself! If you’re visiting with your family, this might be a nice way to spend the day. The festivities in Poble Espanyol will last from the 1st of November until the third, between 10 am and 6 pm.


Maratón de cine terror

Halloween is one of the best possible scenes for a horror movie. But watching a horror movie on Halloween? Even better! Since a couple of years, there have been movie marathons for Halloween. Each year, they pick some of the most gruesome movies so if you’re a fan of the genre don’t miss out! Make sure to bring a friend or family member, as you won’t want to spend your night alone after this marathon.

La Castanyada

Halloween is of course not only about the party, but it’s also the day before All Saints when we remember our loved ones who passed away. A typical tradition in Spain is to eat roasted chestnuts and sweet bread rolls called panallets. This tradition is called La Castanyada and is celebrated on either the 31st or the 1st of November. A couple of days ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy the smell of the roasted chestnuts. Make sure you buy some for you and your family!


And many more activities lie around the corner…

Haven’t found anything that suits your needs? Not to worry, a lot of bars will organise their own themed party, theme parks will be transformed to the Halloween theme as well, or you can just dress up, go out and see for yourself if there is anything else that will spark your interest! During the day some of the largest cemeteries will have longer opening hours as well, or if you want to spend Halloween in a Mexican vibe, you can always explore the Ruta de Altares.


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