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Top 5 things to do in Barcelona during autumn

Top 5 things to do in Barcelona during autumn

Top 5 things to do in Barcelona during autumn

When you are not really a fan of the warmth during the spring and summer, we can imagine that autumn is the perfect moment for you to do a city trip! The beautiful city of Barcelona is also a very good option when looking for the perfect destination for your unforgettable city trip. During summer the city is of course extremely pretty, with all its green trees and the sun shining almost everyday. However, during autumn Barcelona might be even prettier, with all the green trees getting the typical autumn colours as orange, yellow and red. So, what are the top 5 things to do in Barcelona during autumn? Read more, because we have got them all figured out for you!


1. Go eat ‘castanyas’

On the 1st of November a holiday in Spain is celebrated called All Saints Day (in Spanish El Día de Todos los Santos). This national holiday is in honour of, and to remember, the dead. Many Spaniards buy flowers before this day to put on their loved ones gravesides during this particular day. But it this day is much more than just that, during this day the people also traditionally eat small round almond cakes called ‘panellets’. Another tradition during All Saints Day is to eat toasted chestnuts, called ‘castanyas’ in Catalan. The ‘castanyas’ are being sold by street hawkers that are popping up everywhere in the city during this holiday, so you can really easily find one and try this typical Spanish tradition. The ‘castanyas’ are being sold during the whole winter, so don’t worry if you are not in Barcelona on the 1st of November!


2. Go picknick in Parc Ciutadella

Parc Ciutadella is the place in Barcelona where you should go for an epic picknick. During autumn, all the colours in the park change massively, which gives a beautiful view. Especially in November the park is a very popular place for a picknick or just a walk in the park! When you are visiting this gorgeous place with kids, the zoo is always a very good option, since it is located in the park itself. So go grab some tasty things to take with you and enjoy some hours in Ciutadella Parc with its beautiful autumn colours!


3. Go see a Flamenco show

The Flamenco dance is one of the most typical traditions we can think of when looking into the Spanish culture. Besides that, the Flamenco also has very strong roots in Catalonia, and therefore visiting one is definitely a ‘must-do’ during your trip! During autumn, when the evenings and nights are getting colder, we cannot think of an activity more perfect! In Barcelona there are many possibilities to combine a Flamenco show with a tapas tour. These activities run every night and are the perfect combination of two of the most popular traditions in Spain!


4. Go visit museums

During autumn of course the temperature drops, not just during the nights, but also during the day. You will definitely need to bring a jacket, and maybe even a scarf to keep yourself warm during the walks across the city. The perfect activity is then of course to visit one of the beautiful museums in Barcelona. Barcelona has a broad range of different museums which means that there are plenty of museums that are for everyone. You can for example enjoy yourself in the Picasso Museum with more than 4.000 pieces, or the National Museum of Art the Catalunya where you can marvel at the Catalan art from the 12th century to the 20th century. Of course, these two are just the beginning! Barcelona has so many other great museums that you can visit during your trip, read more about them in this article.


5. Enjoy the start of the Christmas season

Of course, Christmas is not celebrated during autumn but during the winter, however the preparations already start early! With the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season in Barcelona at the end of November with the Shopping Night Barcelona, we can say that this is definitely a must-do during your autumn trip in Barcelona. The whole city will be decorated with Christmas lights that will enlighten the whole city during the evenings and nights. Besides that, all the stores will decorate their shop windows with beautiful creations and they will provide you with the special Christmas discounts. So all the things you need for a wonderful day of Christmas shopping!

Christmas Barcelona

So there are plenty of things to do in Barcelona during autumn. Of course these are only 5 of the things you could do during your autumn trip in Barcelona. There are many other things that you can do, but make sure that the activities mentioned above are definitely on your to do list!

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