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Top 3 Asian Restaurants in Barcelona

Top 3 Asian Restaurants in Barcelona

Who would not love Asian food? Sushi, ramen, kung-pao, noodles, rice, sweet chicken, curry, fried bananas,… The list of typical meals is really long. You would probably not find a person,  who wouldn´t like food made from such an amazing combination of tastes, ingredients and colors like food from Asia. The variety of possibilities is endless. Although the best and unforgettable food is offered in Asian streets and markets with unique atmosphere and mixture of various smells, you do not have to go there unconditionally to enjoy the real taste and great atmosphere. Do you know, where are the best restaurants with asian cuisine in Barcelona? They are located in the heart of Barcelona, and we will show you where!



If you want to taste something new, this place is right for you. Have you ever heard about tapas in a Chinese style? No? Then it is the right time to change it!  Mosquito offers small typical dumplings in a form of tapas, what is the focus of their business. But wait, that´s not all what you can order! On their list are also soups, noodles, braised pork, smoked duck with vegetable or typical Vietnamese rich soup Pho. On their list is also not missing fine beer from countries like Belgium or Germany, but they like to offer new brands and flavors as often as possible. As they claim, their food and drinks are handmade from local ingredients, so be sure that you will get high-quality food for very good price!



  • Address: Carrer dels Carders, 46, 08003 Barcelona
  • Average price: 10 €


Koy Shunka

In this place, you won´t get the food that you are used to get in “ordinary” Asian restaurants. If you visit Koy Shunka, be prepared on brand new experience, where food is not only eatten, but primarily enjoyed. The combination of delicious food, cozy environment, visual site and nice personal creates the best spent evening in Barcelona! The Michelin star awarded to this restaurant is an evidence of their excellent food and servicies. It offers higher level of services, the ingredients are fresh and local and you can even observe the chefs in front of your table while preparing meals for you. If you wish to try something special, we recommend you to order a degustation menu, consists of 10 meals. You will get specialities in form of starters, soups, main dishes and of course a dessert. Although the prices are higher, give yourself a reward and visit Koy Shunka or one of their another restaurant – “Shunka” and “Kak Koy”, also located in Barcelona. Make sure you make a reservation of a table before the visit!


  • Address: Carrer d´en Copons, 7, 08002 Barcelona
  • Average price: 45 €


Koku Kitchen Buns/Ramen and Gyoza Bar

Bao buns, rich ramen soups, quality tea and coctails. These and more you can get in hidden place in the centre of Barcelona. The restaurant is divided into two floors, which represents two different places. In upper part, Koku Kitchen Buns, are served typical handmade white buns called “bao bun”, filled with various ingredients, mostly pork and vegetable with sauce. Except the buns, they serve also traditional vietnamese soup Pho, Cantonese ribs and steamed dumplings filled with meat. In the lower part of a house, literally in a celar, is located the second part of restaurant – Koku Kitchen Ramen and Gyoza Bar. The interior is designed like a metro station, hidden from the rush of a city and arouses very cozy, familiar feeling. This is that place, where you go during cold days to have delicious ramen or on long evenings to drink coctails with your friends. As an advantage, all the ingredients are fresh and local, except those, that have to be imported. Also their bread and noodles are handmade, and we give them another plus for it!



  • Address: Carrer del Comerc, 29, 08003 Barcelona
  • Average price: 15 €


We hope our recommendations will help you when looking for some Asian restaurant. In case you have a taste on some other cuisine or specialities, check out our articles with tips about dining in a beautiful Barcelona!

Photo credit: plateselector.com, mosquitotapas.com, luxos. com

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