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Piknic Electronik 2014

Bright sunshine, smiling faces, a fresh gust of wind and a view over the rooftops of Barcelona, Time for a Piknic Electronik. While the cable cars float away almost unnoticed over the heads, people are caught up by the rhythm and raise their glasses. The ones who come alone find themselves in entertaining conversations minutes later. At once, you feel comfortable with all the open-minded and cheerful people around. It is Sunday. One day where you forget the time. Because it’s Piknic time.

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What is Piknic Electronik?

Piknic Electronik is the best open-air party in Barcelona! DJs from all around the world perform at Piknic Electronik. Piknic takes places every Sunday from 1pm to 10pm at Gardens Joan Brossa on Montjuïc. The festival is suitable for both adults and children; families can enjoy a fun day full of activities and good music. There are different areas at Piknic Electronik; adult areas and areas for children.

It is not just a normal open-air festival. Piknic Electronik is special because it is the perfect place for families and friends to be together and enjoy electronic music while being in a green environment where you can enjoy some drinks and nice food. The party takes place on Montjuïc, so while you are putting your hands up in the air enjoying the music, you will have a fantastic view over Barcelona.

Practical Information

Joan Brossa Gardens, Montjuïc, Barcelona


P10 session pass: €115 (attend 10 Piknics with friends or alone, in one session or more)

Daily tickets:
– General entrance fee: €15
– Reduced entrance fee (before 4pm): €13
– Reduced entrance fee (with Carnet Jove): €11
– Children under 12: Free

Season Tickets: not available

: Montjuic cable car, Parc de Montjuic station. Catch the cable car (teleferic) at the Paral·lel metro station (which can be reached on both line 2 and 3)
Bus: line 150, Parc/Montjuïc, get off at the Pl de la Sardana stop
Walking: Piknic Electronik is just a 15 minute walk away from Poble Sec.
Teleferic: Go into the cable car and get off at the Mirador stop. Check out the website for more information
Car: There are free parking spaces available. When you get to Montjuïc, follow the signs ”Castell P”


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