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Finding a summer internship in Barcelona

Finding a summer internship in Barcelona

Finding a summer internship in Barcelona

Finding a summer internship in Barcelona is not going to be hard with our tips and tricks. Barcelona is a city full of possibilities. It has a great multinational population and a strong position within Europe. Because of this there are a lot of big successful brands that want to operate from here. The above factors are coupled with Barcelona’s overall attractiveness. Barcelona is a summer resort with sandy beaches and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. All these reasons combined makes Barcelona a very popular summer internship destination. As a result, the internship market has become increasingly competitive with thousands of students and graduates applying for a summer internship every year.


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What you can expect

Let’s discuss some key aspects of finding an internship. An internship is a pre-professional work experience that gives current students or recent graduates an opportunity to explore and gain experience in a particular work field. Finding an internship can be overwhelming in every country, but especially if you don’t speak the language. In Barcelona they don’t only speak Spanish but also Catalan, and the natives prefer you to speak Catalan. And then there is the process of finding the right internship for you. We suggest reaching out to a few different companies. Talk to them threw the phone or via Skype more than once, so you can get a good feeling of what the company and the people are like. Finding an internship abroad can be a difficult and long process. But don’t give up because there is a right fit for everyone.

Identify your career interests

Before you even start looking for an internship, it is important that you know what you want. Start off by listing various industries you could see yourself working. After this start narrowing down the list by marking the ones which you feel your skills could be best applies too and the ones you have a real passion for. Write down your strengths and weaknesses, professional interests and goals so you can get a clear image of yourself. This is not only handy during the search for internships but also for your interviews with the companies you have found. As an internship can act as a stepping stone to employment, you should choose an internship where you can see yourself for a longer period of time. Internships can act a little bit as “testing the waters”, giving you the opportunity to see what it is like to work in a particular industry. Use this opportunity wisely.

writing down you skills

Decisions, decisions, decisions

One thing you should do before starting to look for internships is deciding which specifications the internships needs to have. For example, if you want to gain experience in marketing and wish to concentrate the most on digital marketing. Your search should be more focused and refined to ensure you will find these aspects in your internship. This will also help you speed the process up a little bit. Because you can eliminate some internships based on these specifications. Also, knowing specifics such as learning outcomes and working hours will help you eliminate the wrong internships. Having a clear idea of what you wish to accomplish during your internship will help you find the right internship from the start. And clarifying this with your new boss, gives you a safety net to fall back on if things don’t go exactly as planned.

Start early

Due to the competitive nature of the summer internship market in Barcelona,  spaces are sometimes advertised months in advance and tend to be filled quickly. For this reason, we advice you to start as soon as possible. LinkedIn is a great platform to start. Here you can start searching for firms, companies or organisations you may find interesting. This way you can get a better feel of some companies and gain a better understanding of their work prior to contacting them. It is always a good idea to get some knowledge about the company before applying for an internship or contacting them.

Early start

Use your own network

A good first step is to use your own network. That could be people from school, family members, your old boss, just anybody that you can think of that could help you. Speaking with a variety of people regarding your internship is a very good tactic, because you never know what could come off it. If you are still in school you can make use the services provided to you by the school. Some schools have summer internship programmes or a career advisers. Networking with alumni from your college is also a very good idea. Because they’ve already been threw what you are going threw at the moment. They don’t mind sharing with you some personal advice and maybe they will even recommend you as an intern candidate to their organisation, or their old internship company.

Further down you can see some websites where you can search for the perfect summer internship in Barcelona.


Erasmus+ is a European Union initiative which provides opportunities for Europeans to study, train, gain experience and volunteer abroad. It has a comprehensive database of internships which you can filter by category and location. This will help you find summer internships in Barcelona in the field of work you like. The website does require you to create a professional profile including your resume, educational training, skills and some examples of previous projects. Some schools have their own Erasmus programs that are linked to Erasmus+.


The name Spain-Internship speaks for itself. They specialise in internships in Spain. They have collaborations with thousands of companies in a wide range of fields, offering internships to almost everyone. You don’t have to pay to look at open internship vacancies, and they offer you assistance throughout the whole process. Their aim is to find the best internship for every person.


The aim of Iagora is to globalise your CV by providing a secure platform for internship searches. They have a highly customisable data base which allows you to narrow down your search based on language requirements, industry and durations. A member of their team will become your personal contact and will help you find the right internship for you.

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  1. I found my internship through Iagora and now I will use all the great info and tips written on your blog to be sure to enjoy Barcelona as best as I can 🙂

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