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Student Housing in Barcelona (1)

Student Housing in Barcelona

Benefits of living in student housing.

Barcelona-Home offers a lot of opportunities to experience the real “student living” thanks to student flats in Barcelona. But we can guarantee that it is truly one of the best places in the world to be a student! If you want to live with your fellow students or maybe friends from your hometown dan shared apartments is a good choice! You will enhance yourself in a completely new situation and environment where you have to learn how to live by yourself and especially how to live with other people. It is a challenging experience for those who are used to all the comforts of living at home, but it will enrich you with a lot of unforgettable moments!


student flats in Barcelona

Advantages of shared apartments.

Some students choose to live with friends that they already know from back home. It can be a way to feel more safe and secure coming to a new city. Some might decide to rent shared apartments together and live in separate rooms. Others might want the challenge of living in a completely new environment with people they haven’t met before and build new friendships. An advantage of living in a shared flat with new people can be that you improve your language skills. It is always fun to be able to speak the language that is spoken in your new country. The city also provides a range of Spanish courses for foreigners looking to improve their Spanish language skills.

Student flats in Barcelona.

We at Barcelona-Home offer great student housing in the center of Barcelona. If you stay with us during your time in Barcelona you will always have access to the best that the city has to offer. In every corner, you will find bars, restaurants,  and hidden spots, while always surrounded by the most stunning historical architecture everywhere you go. Every night there are places to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona. There are parties and clubs to go to not only during weekends but on every day of the week. If you want to have a night out with your friends but you also need to study during the weekend, then you have the option to enjoy a great night out any day of the week.


Apartments close to the universities

Apartments close to the beach

Apartments close to the city center 


Living in Spain.

The typical Spanish daily life is also different from many other countries. In Spain, it is not uncommon to have dinner at 22:00. This allows you, as a student, to be more flexible during your study time. The city is always awake and there is always something happening. If you come to Barcelona to study you can be sure that you will have a great experience to look forward to.

We at Barcelona-Home will help you find a suitable apartment, room or shared flat, and student housing and we always listen to your specific needs. Then come and study in Barcelona with us! Furthermore, with student flats in Barcelona, we believe that you can have the best time of studying in Barcelona.


Apartments in Eixample

Apartments in Barrio Gotico 

Apartments in Gracia 

Apartments in Les Corts 

Are you looking for a great accommodation in Barcelona? Look no further, we have what’s right for you!

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