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Internships in Barcelona

Internship in Barcelona

There is no better way to immerse yourself into Spanish culture than by completing an internship in Barcelona. The experience gained is second to none. Not only does this kind of experience provide practical business experience, but it also offers a fantastic opportunity to integrate yourself into an international environment whilst improving your language skills.

There are a few things that you need to bear in mind when thinking about an internship. It is  always a good idea to plan ahead because there are several things that must to be organised in advance to ensure that your time abroad runs smoothly.

Many internships are not paid, as they are designed to provide valuable work experience for students and graduates in order to help them get their foot on the first step of the career ladder. Bearing this in mind, it is important to prepare financially beforehand and consider your budget. Your costs will most likely include a plane ticket, accommodation rent and deposit, utility bills, and general living costs. However, there are ways to get loans or scholarships, so make sure you do your research, as these could save you a lot of money! Some internships are paid, with the usual salary being around 300 euros a month.

When you first arrive at your placement, you must provide your insurance details to the company you are interning for. This is very quick and easy – just bring an E-111 form that you can pick up from your local social security office.

It is always beneficial to have at least some basic knowledge of Spanish, although most companies have English-speaking employees as well. There are many internships that have relationships with language schools in the area, and can provide free or reduced fee intensive language lessons for you prior to starting your internship.

Many companies also organise customized internship placements, designed around your personal strengths, skills and interests. An internship is a great way to have an insight into the corporate world, whilst also discovering a new city and culture. The experience gained is incomparable, so it is no wonder that an internship abroad looks so impressive on a CV. The latter can significantly increase your chances of employement and of furthering your career opportunities.

Where to do your Internship

It can be difficult to decide where in Spain to do your internship, when there are so many beautiful cities just waiting to be discovered. Barcelona is renowned for being the most modern, progressive and cosmopolitan city in Spain, where the abundance of culture, history and art meets a cutting-edge modern lifestyle, creating a beautiful cocktail of old and new, arty and sophisticated…The city also lies on the Mediterranean coast! All these reasons explain why so many interns choose to work in Barcelona, and there are several companies that provide opportunities for foreigners to immerse themselves in the city. Barcelona-Home provides great opportunities to complete an internship in a social, relaxed environment, and offer work placements in many fields of interest. For more information click here.


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