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Songs about Barcelona to add to your playlist

Songs about Barcelona to add to your playlist

Believe it or not, but there are a lot of songs about Barcelona. Can’t get Barcelona out of your head? We’ve got you covered. We have listed the most beautiful songs about Barcelona from well-known and lesser known artists. Maybe, you even know a few songs but never realised that it was about Barcelona. Barcelona is such an inspirational city that you can find songs from all over the world. So, it’s time to go sit in the sun with some sangria and pan con tomate, and enjoy these songs about your favourite city. A tip from us, make a playlist out of these songs and when you are visiting Barcelona put the playlist on and walk around the city.

Manu Chao – Rumba de Barcelona (2006)

Manu Chao Barcelona-Home

Let’s start the list with a Spanish song. Manu Chao, born in 1961 on June 21, is a famous French-born singer with Spanish origin. He signs not only in Spanish and French but also in English, Italian, Portuguese and many more languages. Chao believes that our world lacks spaces for “collective therapy”. Because of this he describes his concerts a small temporary space where people from different backgrounds can come together. Nowadays Chao owns a bar in the Gothic neighbourhood, called “Sincopa”. One of his favourite bars in Barcelona is “El Mariachi bar”. If you are lucky you can spot him playing music there. The song Rumba de Barcelona is a very happy song and we totally get some summer vibes from it. The most important sentence of the songs is: “Rambla here and there, that’s the Rumba of Barcelona”. Which of course is in Spanish in the song.

Freddie Mercury – Barcelona (1988)

Freddie Mercury Barcelona-Home

One of the oldest songs on our list is from Freddie Mercury. You might know Freddie Mercury from a band called “Queen”, he was the frontman of the band. They’ve produced the famous “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and also recently have a movie out about their story as a band. Mercury is also known for his four-octave vocal range. The song “Barcelona” was released in 1988 in collaboration with the operatic Montserrat Caballé. Mercury has always been a fan of the opera and then especially favouring the Montserrat Caballé. After his death in 1991, the song was chosen for the Olympic games in 1992. And because of this became a very popular and famous song. The song is completely written by Mercury.

I’m from Barcelona – We’re from Barcelona (2006)

The title and the name of the band kind of gives it away that it is about Barcelona. The band “I’m from Barcelona” was create in 2005. It’s a Swedish band that is known for having 29 members. Their style is a an eclectic mix of classical instruments. The name of the band is an homage to the Spanish waiter Manuel. Manuel is a Character on BBC Television’s “Fawlty Towers”. This song really gives you positive vibes about Barcelona, and just gives you an overall good feeling. Some even say that this is the ‘unofficial’ anthem of Barcelona. The song starts with: “I’m gonna sing this song with all of my friends”. And this right away explains what the song is about. The song is about being together with your friends in Barcelona.

Ed Sheeran – Barcelona (2017)

Ed Sheeran Barcelona-Home

Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular artist of recent years. This singer songwriter became successful with his first debut single in 2011 called “The A-team”. Sheeran released Barcelona in 2017 and it is an ode to the city’s great history and culture. In the song you can find references to La Rambla and the Segrada Familia. He also sings about the famous Spanish drink Sangria. The song is mostly in English but in the third verse he sings in Spanish as well. Because of the special rhythm of this song, you have a hard time getting it out of your head. But this luckily isn’t a big problem, because the song is very good. The song has an up-beat tempo and just gives you a summer feeling. This is one of our favourites from the list.

Bløf – Barcelona (2010)

This song is the only song on our list that is completely in a different language. The song is from a Dutch band called “Bløf”, and therefore is completely sung in Dutch. Not only is it in a different languages it isn’t a very summery song as well. The song actually is quite sad. In 2007 their drummer died in a tragic car accident so the lead singer of the band wrote this number in memory of their band member and friend. One line is repeated threw out the song and that is:” er is niets in Barcelona”. Translated this means that there is nothing in Barcelona. The band is known for their very cryptic lyrics, that are quite hard to understand sometimes. The band even has another song about Spain, which is called “Holiday in Spain”. They’ve recorded this song with the American band “Counting Crows”.

George Ezra – Barcelona (2014)

George Ezra Barcelona-Home

George Ezra is an English singer songwriter that rose to fame with a song about another famous city, “Budapest”. Ezra is mainly influenced by Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. His song about Barcelona is a single of his studio album called “Wanted on voyage”. This album was inspired by his trip around Europe in 2013. The song is a very typical song for George Ezra, and will definitely give you the right feeling to stroll around the streets.

Not only do we advice you to listen to these song when you are strolling around in Barcelona. You can also listen to the songs when you are planning a trip to Barcelona to get you excited about your upcoming trip. Or you can listen to these songs if you miss Barcelona. Hopefully they will bring this beautiful city a little closer to your home. If you have any songs about Barcelona that we’ve missed, feel free to put them in the comments. Or just a song that makes you think about Barcelona.


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