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Secret locations in Barcelona

Secret locations in Barcelona

Secret locations in Barcelona

We’ve all heard about the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, and you’ve probably seen Casa Batllo, Casa Mira and the Ramblas as well. Are you looking for a new hangout spots to chill with friends where it’s not overcrowded with people? Or do you want to explore Barcelona in a new way? We’ll list some locations that are considered the true gems of Barcelona. They’re all located in a different district, ensuring that you won’t just see the old town. Some of them are even well-kept secrets, even to locals. Be sure to check them out if you want to experience Barcelona from a different point of view, get to know the culture or even want to enjoy a relaxed afternoon in a quiet spot.

Carmel Bunkers

Those who often visit Barcelona or have spend a longer time in Barcelona before, they’ll know this spot and can confirm that the views at the top are magnificent. Although it’s called a bunker, it never was a bunker, just an anti-aircraft facility. It was build during the Spanish Civil War, and located in the Carmel district at the top of Turó de la Rovir. The top is 262 meters high, and this’ll offer you beautiful views of the Carmel neighbourhood. The first part of your journey there can be done by public transport, but the final meters must be done on foot. It’s a steep hill, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes! Bring some food and drinks, and you can have a nice picknick on top of this hill. Make sure to throw away your food in the correct garbage bins, because it would be unfortunate if it were littered with thrash.


Montjuic gems

The Teatre Grec is located on a side of the Montjuic hill, and has all the looks of a typical ancient, greek theatre. Surrounded only by nature, this place is perfect for disconnecting with the digital world. You can enjoy the chipring of the birds and all other sounds that you otherwise wouldn’t hear in the hustle of the city. While you’re visiting the Montjuic castle, you can easily visit this theatre as well. Bring a book or some paper to draw on, and enjoy the quietness.

The cactus garden, or the Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobrera, along with the Teatre Grec are proof that many tourists visiting the Montjuic castle, miss out on so many great things. This is a garden full of cacti and succulents and located next to the Miramar hotel. It’s easily accessible on foot, by car and with the public transport. When you’re in the garden, it feels as if you’re in a desert but with a view overlooking the city.


Monestir de Pedralbes

The Monastery of Pedralbes was founded in 1327, and is home to a cloister, church and the St. Michael chapel. In 1991, the monastery was named a national treasure. There is a beautiful garden amidst all the 7 centuries old buildings. The cloister is three stories high and there are still some nuns living there. They often go to the day cells where they reflect upon themselves. The cloister is known for its gothic style and one of the only ones where it is so clearly the gothic style and consistently applied throughout the buildings. The St. Michael chapel is known for it’s many beautiful fresco’s inside it and the year-round exhibitions of them, worthy of a visit if you’re in town! They often host events and classes like meditation, and honestly, there couldn’t be a better spot to practice it. They also hosted exhibitions in the past from famous painters like Rubens called the Treasures of the Monastry.


Casa Vicens

Lastly, we have a treasure for you in Gracia. Casa Vicens is the first house Gaudi designed, and this is a fact that isn’t widely known. It’s located in Gracia which is in the same district as Park Guell. The house shows the intricate detailing that Gaudi is known for. There are peaceful gardens surrounding it to take a small break. The house has been recognised as cultural heritage and nowadays a museum. There is the exhibition of Gaudi and the fact that this was the first house he designed, but also exhibitions from other artists. Make sure to plan your visit and book tickets to be sure you can get in!

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