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DURAZNO | Premiere BARCELONA - primer film boliviano-argentino ecológico colaborativo. Un viaje hacia el interior de ti mismo.

Durazno – premiere in Barcelona!

We invite you to experience a truly unique opportunity to enjoy this independent-made Argentinian movie, produced independently and funded by the public that already started to win awards when it was still in the making and is now on screen around large film festivals around the world.

Durazno, meaning ‘peach’ is a creative documentary project, born two years ago (2012) out of three questions that Ezequiel was, and still is unable to find answer to: where am I from? Who is my family and what’s my family name? At four months old Ezequiel was abandoned by a tango dancer and was brought up in the countryside by a nurse working in a retirement home. At 8 years old he experienced the death of his adoptive father, which gave him an unstable mind, making him violent and rebellious. We get to follow Ezequiel on his journey trying to find himself and trying to find answers to his three questions.

The movie has started to spread around the world where already thousands of people have fell in love with the movie and the character. Now Durazno has reached Barcelona, take the great opportunity to experience this movie!

DURAZNO   Premiere BARCELONA   primer film boliviano argentino ecológico colaborativo. Un viaje hacia el interior de ti mismo.

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