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Riding Waves in Barcelona

Time to tell the truth about surfing in Barcelona. Barcelona is a wonderful city for partying, eating, living, fashion, culture and sports, but NOT for surfing! Those who say it’s lying, you want to learn to surf, it is best not to test it in Barcelona.

Sometimes it is waves in Barcelona Ciutat Vella area (near the W hotel,) this area is called Pukas. If you are lucky maybe are waves that particular day you  want to try surfing, then you will surely be embraced by many beginners who will do anything to get a wave. In summer times, it is almost never any waves in Barcelona. If you want to experiment with the waves, you get to go on an autumn day or winter day. But be careful, 12 degrees cold water is not fun

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If people in Barcelona talking about amazing and very good waves Should the people of California describe it as something between usual and bad. Although we love to promote the idea of spreading the love for the ocean and surfing around the world, so we have to be honest. The Pukas Surf School can help you how to  lie and how to paddle, which is the basics of surfing. But we recommend you warmly to try SUP instead (stand-up paddle-brim)!




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