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Rent apartment with terrace in Barcelona

What do you like for rent apartments with terrace in Barcelona?

If you want to rent apartments with terrace in Barcelona, first there are a few things to consider. What kind of terrace are you looking for? For example, do you want a private terrace on the ground floor or even a penthouse terrace? Or perhaps, a shared terrace between the other occupants of the building, which can be much bigger.

Great apartment in El Born.

This great apartment in el Born is perfect for holidays due to its central location. The lovely terrace is shared with great views from the rooftop, perfect for soaking up the sun and truly relaxing.

Stunning flat for groups.

This extremely light apartment has tons of space, making it a Stunning flat for groups, friends or large families. The terrace located with private on the ground floor with many plants to make it your own personal oasis in the bustling city of Barcelona.

Fantastic penthouse with terrace.

This modern penthouse has a beautiful private penthouse terrace, where you can wake up each morning and enjoy breakfast admiring the view. The apartment itself has 2 double bedrooms and is located in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni, extremely close to Ciutat Vella and to the main tourist sights of Barcelona.

Well, if you like to rent apartments with terrace, Barcelona-Home would be the good choice for you. Because we have many apartments with terrace in our list. Visit our website and contact us if you have more questions.

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  1. My family and I are coming this summer and we are still looking for a flat to rent. I will check in more details what you have to offer as it would be great to have a big flat with a terrace to enjoy the sun and the beautifulness of why not El Born, one of my favourite neighbourhood in Barcelona!

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