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Positive reviews of Event Spaces for Barcelona-home

Reviews of Barcelona-home
Luciana – Capture model agency
Barcelona, Spain
Venue for events

Hello and thank you Barcelona-home for considering our opinion. I’d like to introduce myself a little bit before talking about my experience. I am working in the team of a modeling agency located in Barcelona. We are often in contact with Barcelona-Home because we are constantly looking for locations for events and photo shoots all around the city. It is a pleasure to work together with the company because the Barcelona-home team understands our expectations for locations. We need to find places where we can shoot photos and film ads for many products and services. We already worked together with many different brands which have different requirements regarding the location and most of the times we succeed in finding a location through the service of Barcelona-home.

We are often booking online through the Website because it is very user-friendly. The good thing is, that the pictures on the Website are really clear and you can already imagine what the location looks like before going there. Once we were not completely sure about the location so we just called the customer service. They talked to the landlord and after a few days, they sent us even more pictures per Email. We really appreciate the customer service of the company. We often had problems with other Websites since the price was not clear or changed afterward to being more expensive.

Sometimes we also have to book apartments for our models since they come from many different places. Often it’s even possible to get more apartments in the same building which is really appreciated by the models. Also, the models have been in contact with the company if they had any problems regarding the apartment and we just received positive feedback from them. Therefore we always recommend our models to book with Barcelona-Home. The prices are cheaper compared to other companies and it is definitely worth it.

We have been working with Barcelona-Home for many of our events and it was a really good experience until now. We appreciate your services a lot and we are looking forward to working together with you in the future! Thanks a million, times from the Capture model team.

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