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Pitch and Putt

Pitch and Putt

Pitch and Putt is a game growing in popularity especially in the region of Catalonia. The game originates from Ireland from around the 1940s and arrived in the region in the 80s.  It is often considered more accessible than golf. A pitch and putt course is smaller than a golf course therefore the only shots you make are pitching and putting shots so you do not need a huge amount of golf clubs to carry around.

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Here are some courses in and near Barcelona for you to try out:

Pitch and Putt Can Cuyàs

This 9 hole course was opened in 1998 and includes many other services and facilities including a restaurant, changing rooms, showers and conference facilities.

Pitch & Putt Golf Montseny

This course is situated near Montseny and the natural reserve provides a stunning location in which to play a game of pitch and putt.

El Valles Pitch and Putt

The course is located near Terrassa outside of the city centre and has a 9-hole course with double tees.

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