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Tips to Find the Perfect Stay in Barcelona

Tips to Find the Perfect Stay in Barcelona

After researching and deciding on a place for your next trip away, you are finally going to Barcelona! Known by all as a stunning holiday destination, Barcelona is an enchanting seaside city, rich with culture, art and pride, and don’t forget a power house in the world of Sport. Whether you’re coming to study, work or simply looking for a great holiday in the city, there are many steps that you’ll need to consider before and during your stay in Barcelona. Here are some of our tips we think will come in handy!

Find an apartment!


Finding Apartments abroad can be one of the most draining activities, but it is always worth persevering to find the perfect place. There are many short-term and long-term rental agencies in Barcelona which can be overwhelming, so before you dive in at the deep end, make sure you follow these two important points of advice:

  •  Determine what you want

Your choice of apartment will of course depend on the purpose of your visit. For example, if you’re a young adult coming to work, you’ll probably look for a flat-share or an apartment that will allow you to enter into a longer-term contract . If you are coming with your family, you may want somewhere more spacious that you wish to rent for a week or so. Work out exactly what your requirements are and this  will make it easier to start your search.

  • Budget yourself

Once you know what you want, make sure you know how much you’ll need to spend. The last thing you want is finding your dream apartment that costs far more than your expected budget.

Another fundamental step when looking for apartments is to make sure they are safe and easily accessible. We would like to recommend you to check out our Barcelona-Home list of apartments. Our aim as an agency is always to understand exactly what our customers look for when they approach us for short or long-term rentals. With high-end, clean décor and prime locations, each apartment has its own style and features, all coming with attractive prices. Whether you’re a student or a large-sized family, we guarantee that you’ll find an ideal place with Barcelona-Home without any hassle.

Explore the city!


Trust us, there is always something fun going on in Barcelona! Whether its annual events or organised parties, you are bound to bump into something fun and interesting during your stay here. From festivals and live concerts to city tours and parks, there are a huge variety of different activities that will fit the tastes and interests of literally everyone, no matter the age and nationality. Most of the events are advertised online by travel and apartment rental agencies, such as Barcelona-Home, so you won’t need to worry about missing an upcoming event. When it comes to finding events, we know how to provide not only the necessary details, but also to direct you to a list of apartments that are located close to those venues. Knowing what you’ll be seeing in the city will give you peace of mind and a growing eagerness towards the coming trip.

Cleaning your apartment!

We usually tend to have an idea of what we plan to do during our stay in the city, however, for those who are coming here to study or work, most of the time will be spent outside the house, making it difficult to clean up the place. Not to worry though! There are many cleaning services in Barcelona providing a wide variety of different services for you. If you’re tight with money but still want to have your house cleaned and sanitised, we highly recommend you to check out TheService.es. This company provides a wide range of domestic services such as house cleaning and running errands to grocery stores or pharmacies. With this service available wherever you are, you will no longer have a to stress about your apartment.

No matter what season you’re planning to come to Barcelona, you are guaranteed to be leaving the city with a great sense of wonder and memories lasting for a lifetime.

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