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Pans and Company in Barcelona

Pans and Company is something everybody knows for its healthy fast food options that make it the perfect place for a quick and healthy bite to eat! They make the sweetest sandwiches fresh for you and they also sell a lot of healthy salads for all the vegetarian among us.  You will be surprised, how many options they have when it comes to choosing the best filling of a pan, you will definitely find the best for you. Also, the coffee lovers will find good options there. Pans and Company often offers coffee corner in their restaurants, where fresh coffee and delicious sweet pastry for a very good price is served. That is the idea, where to enjoy your breakfast.


Pans and Company was born out of the concept of casual food as a healthy alternative on basis of products, that are used in a Mediterranean diet or informal meals in a pleasant ambiance.

The thought behind this company was the wish to a new and innovative formula in the restaurant sector to accomplish developments in the areas of food, brands, quality, variation, and originality, for products and the service they offer.

If you are outside in the rush of a city, doing sightseeing across the famous Unesco Sites in Barcelona and the huge hunger will suddenly surprise you, it is always a good idea to jump into one of 20 shops in Barcelona. And very reasonable prices for their services won´t surprise your wallet! Pan and Company is therefore always a good idea for slowly breakfast, quick lunch or a healthy snack and it won´t ruin your budget as your visit won´t cost you more than 10 €. They also have special promotions when you can buy the selection of products for only 1 €!


The formula was successful and they have grown spectacularly fast! The amount of restaurants is being doubled and they are in the whole county and even outside Spain. Only in Barcelona you can find 20 branches offering the fresh alternative to fast food. They also place emphasis on the quality and freshness of the products they make. And no wonder, the industry of eating healthier is growing all the time, with more and more people interested in fitness and what they put in their mouths!

Except for the fresh pans and salads, their business is not concentrated only on the financial numbers. They are also aware of a commitment toward the society, and as a consequence, they have created the “Club Solidario” (Solidarity club), where they promote the projects and commitments they want to bring into the real life. In the past, they supported campaigns aimed to disadvantaged people, environment and culture. Their current project is based on cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in order to increase the awareness of gender violence and how to prevent it.


There are enough reasons, why to visit this restaurant and try the tasty crunchy pans, fresh green salads or sweet pastry with hot coffee. Try the Pulled Pork BBQ or the Chicken Supreme, there is also the selection of tuna and vegetarian pans. You will absolutely enjoy it!

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Photo credit: pansandcompany.com, baricentro.es, rocaestudio.com, economiadigital.es

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