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Organize a bachelor party in Barcelona

Organize a bachelor party in Barcelona

Do you want to organize the bachelor party of your friend in one of the most amazing cities in the world?

First of all, let us say bachelor party is a fantastic idea. Your friend will probably never forget how great this will be.

Here, we explain the reasons of why Barcelona is one of the best cities (if not THE best city) to have the best (and last) party as a bachelor. We also give you some advice on where to get an accommodation in Barcelona and the activities over there.

Why Barcelona?

Because the cost of living is relatively low compared to other European countries. Therefore you’ll be able to get more things. For example, you’ll find that in many bars in Barcelona (you can find a lot of them near Plaza Catalunya), the beer only costs…1€. Yes, you’ve read right, 1 EURO!

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where there’s a great atmosphere. There are events almost every day so you’ve got no excuse to get bored over there! You’ll also find many good bars and clubs in the center of the city (Barrio Gótico, El Born, El Reval) and next to the beach (Barceloneta, Port Olímpic) to enjoy a night with your friends. It will cost you around 13 and 20€ to get into most clubs and this entry includes a drink (well served!).

Where to stay in Barcelona for a bachelor party?

There are several options for accommodation in Barcelona: hotels, hostels, flats, houses etc. Several hotels offer reasonable prices. However. if you plan to travel with a large group of friends, maybe the best option for you is to rent an apartment or a house because, in the end, you will probably pay less than staying in a hotel. Also, in an apartment or a house, you’ll have the intimacy and freedom that you don’t have in a hotel room. Barcelona-Home offers a wide range of apartments, apartments with swimming pool and houses all over the city.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Things to do in Barcelona.

During the day, put your sunglasses and head to monuments and classic places: the famous Sagrada Familia, the Parque Güell, the Picasso Museum, the Camp Nou…You’ll also be able to enjoy the nice weather with friends in a beach bar over a fresh Mojito.

During the night, you’ll be able to party in one of the most popular beach clubs (Shoko, Opium, Sotavento…) which play mostly commercial music (electronic, latino, R&B commercial). If you’re looking for more independent stuff, head to Apolo club (best nights are Nitsa – Fridays and Saturdays – electronic music). To conclude, allow us to give you the last advice: plan this very carefully, bring your best friends and make sure the future husband has the best night of his life. He deserves it!

 >>Book Bachelor party management 150 € 

>>Book Limousine (1hr) 120€

>>Book “Gogo dancer” 99 €

>>Book Full package 470€ 

Are you looking for a great accommodation in Barcelona? Look no further, we have what’s right for you!

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  1. I’m sure Barcelona is a great city for Bachelor parties as almost every day, I bumped into some people celebrating love and life. Every time, people look to have so much fun! Maybe I will do mine here too one day, who knows? 🙂

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