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Mercat del Ninot Barcelona Spain

El Ninot markt in Barcelona

Anywhere in Barcelona you can find great food markets, and all of them are extremely popular. Every market has a lot of fresh produce to try and buy.

The el Ninot market dates from 1893. It was originally an open air market and its name comes from a wooden puppet. The daughter of the owner of a nearby pub took the puppet into the sea and loved it so much that she hung him out to the pub. From that moment, the market called “El Ninot”.

The market is located on the left side of the district Eixample, near Hospital Clinic at Carrer Villaroel and Carrer de Mallorca. El Ninot consists not only fresh products, because there are also tapas bars and you can buy clothes. The building is currently being renovated. Fortunately there is a temporary market where you can still enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

If you are the lively atmosphere of La Boqueria want to experience without large hordes of tourists around, then El Ninot is the perfect market to explore.

Opening hours:

Monday / Friday: 08:00 to 21:00

Saturday: 8:00 to 15:00

How to get there?

Metro: L5 (Hospital Clinic)

Will be: 14, 20, 31, 37, 43, 44, 59.

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