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What to do during New Year 2020 in Barcelona?

What to do during New Year 2020 in Barcelona?

What to do during New Year 2020 in Barcelona?

You are planning to spend New Year in Barcelona: an idea that is just as amazing as the city itself! With a nice, not to cold, winter weather and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe surrounding you, you will have a great time not matter what. There are many things that you can do during this wonderful night. We will provide you with a list on the best things to do during New Year 2020. So read further, and decide upon what you will do this year!

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1. The Official New Years Party at Plaça d’Espanya

Plaça d’Espanya is one of the most emblematic squares if Barcelona, and is next to that the square on which the official New Years party takes place every year. It is definitely the best place to enjoy the turn of the year with the beautiful music and light show. For the New Year festivities the Magic Fountain has a special extra show with concert stages, people doing campanadas (a tradition that is about the eating of twelve grapes at midnight for good luck), and a nice firework show when 2020 starts. The firework show start already at 11:40 pm and will last for 30 minutes! The spectacle attracts a lof of visitors every year, around 80.000, so make sure that you get at the spot in time in order to get yourself the best spot.

If you want to add an extra ‘Spanish touch’ to this experience, it is nice to participate in the tradition of eating twelve grapes at midnight. Make sure that you buy them at the supermarket or fruitstore before. Do not buy the ones that are especially packaged for the occasion, since they will be 10 times more expensive than the normal ones.

Adress: Plaça d’Espanya, Barcelona

How to get there?: Espanya – Metro L1 (Red line) and L3 (Green line)


2. Plaça de Catalunya street party

The New Years party at Plaça de Catalunya is more one for the younger generation who are looking for some excitement during this special night. When the clock strikes twelve o’clock, all the visitors of the square will toss their bottles of wine into the air. It is a very impressive sight to see, which can also be a bit dangerous, when hundreds of bottles are being tossed into the air and smash into small parts when they get to the ground again.

After this the crowds will go onto the famous La Rambla and find their ways to the coolest clubs of the Gothic Quarter. This is the perfect opportunity for you if you are not willing to pay extremely high entry prices, but just want a cosy night out in some of the nicest bars. Make sure to be there in time to have the perfect spot!

Adress: Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona

How to get there?: Catalunya – Metro L1 (Red line) and L3 (Green line)

3. Visit a Restaurant during New Year

It is always good to go out for dinner at any time, but for New Years Eve it is definitely a very great option. It does not really matter to which restaurant you go, you can of course choose for different types of foods, such as sushi, vegan, Mediterranean, Spanish, tapas and so much more. Just make sure that you book well in advance and that you are prepared to shell out premiums for set menus. Be aware that the costs during New Year will be higher than normally because of the special occasion. Also, it can be expected that a deposit is paid to hold the table for your, which will be returned after your visit.

4. Go out to one of the amazing clubs

Barcelona is a big city with many clubs that are also providing you with an amazing evening during New Year. You can of course go to one of the smaller bars in the city center, but going to a big club is definitely much better! The clubs that are worth trying are located close to each other at the Barceloneta beach of Barcelona. Places you should definitely visit are Shôko, Pacha or Opium! Read the blog article about the best clubs to visit for New Year here.


5. Take part in the local New Years traditions

Just like many countries and cities are there many traditions, also for New Year. Trust me, it is just amazing to take part in some of them! The first one is definitely the tradition that makes you wear red underwear when you celebrate New Year. If you do not have any, do not worry, there are plenty of stores that are selling the most beautiful and amazing underwear in red.

The second tradition is that during the midnight cheers you should put a ring or something gold in you cava glass. This, to ensure prosperity and wealth in the coming year. If you are feeling completely adventurous you should head down to Playa de San Sebastián to make the first swim of the year. This is also a very common tradition that you should definitely participate in!

So, what are your plans for New Year 2020 in Barcelona?

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