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30 seconds to mars

Upcoming Music Events in Barcelona: Part 1

November is a great time because of the Upcoming Music Events in Barcelona. The tourist season is over and the biggest attractions in the city are a lot less crowded than during the summer. It’s also possible to find cheaper flights during this time, in addition to affordable accommodation in Barcelona.

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In November 2013 there are a lot of great music events you can go to. Barcelona Jazz Festival is running until 1st of December as the main event, but we decided to share a few other concerts which are taking place at the same time (and still have tickets available). In this post, we list the first three music events in Barcelona worth going to.

30 Seconds to Mars – Thursday Oct 31st

Ok, not quite November, but with this one we can make an exception: 30 Seconds to Mars is one of the hottest alternative rock bands at the moment and with tickets still available, it is a great opportunity to spontaneously go see the show. Founded in 1998, the band have released four albums so far, with Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams released earlier this year. The charismatic Jared Leto leads the line in Pavelló Olimpic, and it’s surely going to be an unforgettable for all the participants.

Tickets: The price is 44 €. You can purchase them here.

LocationPavelló Olimpic de Badalona


MIRA Music & Visual Arts Festival – Thursday Nov 14 to Saturday Nov 16

This independent festival is all about listening and seeing art. The audible and visible masterpieces provide a mind blowing experience with lights and sounds playing in beautiful harmony. In Lab Concept the attendees explore new possibilities of live shows in an innovative atmosphere. This event surely provides something new for most of us, so if you think you’ve seen enough rock concerts, give MIRA a try instead!

Tickets: 120 € for a three-day-pass to all activities, single day tickets from 25 € to 45 €. Check all the prices here.

Location: Several locations, see them here.


Dover – Friday Nov 15

The pop-rock band from Madrid, founded by sisters Amparo and Cristina Llanos, arrives in Razzmatazz to excite the audience with their piquant performance. The band’s discography of seven full albums includes a variety of different styles, from Spanish pop to English punk rock. Attending this concert will expose you to the local music scene, as Spanish rock bands don’t get much better than this.

Tickets: The price is 15 €. You can purchase them here.

Location: Razzmatazz

To see the next three recommended events, click here for part two.


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