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Museo Arte Flamenco Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain. It is known for its architecture of Antoni Gaudi and is also home to a number of splendid beaches and parks, fine museums and classy restaurants. Museo Arte Flamenco Barcelona is an amazing flamenco place in Barcelona, where you can see the exhibitions of paintings on Andalusia, flamenco show, great music and dancing, and learn to dance the flamenco art your self. There’s an exciting program you can’t miss!

Exhibition of paintings on Andalusia by Juan Hernandez Rosal.

He was born in Granada in 1948 and current address in Roda de Bera. His work, in general, is based primarily on urban, rustic landscape and basically, could be classified as realistic in combining ink and crayon always looking for the detail and harmony of the composition to which it adds a color tone soft in his works.

The Flamenco show

Located in the modern shopping center of Las Arenas, Arte Flamenco Barcelona offers an authentic and passionate flamenco show. The flamenco shows are a cast of internationally recognized artists, that are entertaining every night with their art in dancing, singing and playing. There are three flamenco shows a night, and if you want a sangria or tapas to accompany your experience, the venue offers them too.

Note: Every show offers a mixed program of sensual and personal dance and live music. Every ticket also includes entrance to the Museum Arte Flamenco de Barcelona, with its changing flamenco exhibits, diving deeper into this celebrated art form. If you’re going to the Flamenco show you can buy your tickets right here from 30€!

d69c3133f5594706a6829952e168546e  Flamenco lessons in Barcelona mall Las Arenas

Flamenco Art offers the opportunity to learn the Spanish flamenco through their flamenco lessons in Barcelona Las Arenas mall. With extensive experience in the art world, the teachers offer very professional and dynamic classes for learning and fun. They teach at all levels: Initiation, Initiation-Advanced, Medium and Advanced. Both general and particular classes and all classes are made on the main stage of the show.

Placement of the Museo Arte Flamenco:

Antigua Plaza de Las Arenas Barcelona is built in 1900 by architect August Font I Carreras and is located at the Plaza Espanya. Its size, beauty, and proportions made it one of the best bullrings of Spain, and it now houses a modern shopping center and has a spectacular facade of the square.

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 373-3854ª Planta 08015 Barcelona
Phone: +34 934083154
Email: [email protected]

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