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Make mind-blowing paella with The Paella Club

Let’s appreciate paella for a second…

When you think of Spain, the dish that will most likely pop up in your head immediately is paella, right? Paella is a seafood dish that originates from Valencia, eastern Spain, but is now a worldwide-classic. And what’s not to love about it? A delicious rice dish filled with spicy, juicy chorizo, steamy vegetables and a lot of good flavors. Not to forget about the mussels and prawns, that makes this dish so special.

And besides that, paella brings people together! It is one of the most sociable dishes out there. Not only do families and friends sit around the table together and share an enormous pan of paella, it is also a popular dish to make on the weekends during the holiday, at the beach, or during a picnic. It is the ultimate comfort food, perfect to eat any time of the year, whenever you want.


This delightful seafood dish can be very mouthwatering if prepared in the right way, but if it is not made with care, it can be awful. Learning how to create perfect paella can be a good skill to impress your friends with during dinner.

But there are so many variations of paella that it can be overwhelming when you are creating the dish for the first time, so where do you start? And how do you know if you are doing the right thing?

The Paella Club

Lucky for you, The Paella Club was created. Alex Betolaza is the founder of The Paella Club. He was born in the Basque Country, which is a region known for its high culinary standards that have been reflected in the world famous ”tapas”. The idea for The Paella Club all started when Alex traveled to places like Los Angeles, London and Miami to work in various restaurants. People always asked him how to make a great paella when he told them he was from Spain. And that sparked the idea…

Alex started to look for a cool place that is as lively as Los Angeles but then reflected in Spain. His passion is cooking and he wanted to give people the full experience of this art form. The Paella Club is neither a cooking class school nor a restaurant. It is an unforgettable fully immersive cooking experience of discovering new and fresh ingredients, presenting them in beautiful dishes, and sharing the flavourful paellas with others.

What does The Paella Club do?

The Paella Club offers a variety of experiences. There is something going on at the venue every day of the week, and the place can accommodate up to 16 people at a time, perfect for an activity with your friends, family, or colleagues!

The Paella Club offers three different experiences:

  • Amuse Bouche: If you are short on time, but you still want to make most out of it, this is the one for you. Usually, these sessions are held during the daytime and last approximately 90 minutes. Check out more information here!
  • Appetiser: For those who have a little more time on their sleeves, this experience will add a few more benefits to the ”’Amuse Bouche” program. These sessions last approximately 2 hours, check out more about their program here.
  • Full Menu: This is the full complete experience. Learn all the ins and outs of paella making. It doesn’t only include paella making but also a few goodies to take home with you, that will always make your remember your first time to make paella. The duration of this experience is approximately 3 hours, check out more details here.

No matter which option you will go for, you will have a wonderful and memorable experience, a night filled with amazing food, amazing hosts, and overall just an amazing atmosphere. Check out everything here and book your paella experience!

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  1. La paella me encanta. I had the best paella in my life in Valencia, when I was there for Las Fallas.
    I tried some places to eat paella in Barcelona and they were good as well (even if Valencia is my first choice), but I’ve never tried (and I have to say never heard about) this service. The idea seems cool, innovative. Thanks for sharing

  2. We’ve booked the Full Menu package for us to enjoy all together one of our colleague’s birthday! It sounds amazing we’re all looking forward to trying it

  3. I really want to know how to make paella like a professional! This offer is so cool.

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