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Maintenance and cleansing of the roof Barcelona

Maintenance and cleansing of the roof

Maintenance and cleansing of the roof

Maintenance and cleansing of the roof Barcelona

Roof cleaning is a very important part of home maintenance, especially if you are the owner of the house. Roof decay can lead to serious problems, it will not only ruin your home’s curb appeal, but it can actually damage your roof.

Natural rainfall is enough to clean the dirt on the roof but the dark stains remain there and green areas are due to other natural elements. Keeping in mind, the damage can also lead to expensive repair or you may have to change your whole rooftop, if not properly checked.

Roof cleaning contractors are always around the corner. Everyone has their own ways, preferred methods, and tools. So, how you decide to get rid of the dirt and debris?

Here are some ways to clear all the mud and filthy elements from the roof.

Do it yourself method (DIY)

Well, cleaning the roof is really not a DIY job. It takes skills, ability, proper methods, and implements to do it my own. Before you decide that this is your ideal method, make sure you look at all the facts. Otherwise, it will lead to serious problems and you may have to spend more money on the loss.

“un devis pour le demoussage du toit”

  • When you are about to buy a cleaning agent or a defoamer, validate the brand name. Look for a company that offers multiple formulas and preservative methods.
  • If you have used the right method, techniques and applied stabilising process, the chemicals will not do any damage to your shingles and landscape.

You cannot cleanse it off just after watching some ‘how to clean the roof videos’, rather you would have to contact the contractors, who know about cleaning around chimneys, vents, flashing thoroughly without damage the area.

Roof algae

If you continuously let your roof dirty, algae will take place around the corners and your house will automatically look unattractive to passerby. However, it’s more than that, and it’s not something you can put off by taking care of.

Here are the things:
Roof algae are a living thing, and it’s feeding off to your shingles, if it’s not taking care of, it will take years off of the life of your roofing.

If you will not wash it regularly, it will completely deteriorate your roof, which has some effects:

  • If you will not wash it regularly, it will completely deteriorate your roof, which has some effects: Your shingles help block UV rays, it will not enter into your home which will cause a rapid rise in AC bills.
  • If it’s not treated properly then It may take you to expensive repairs of the roof, maybe around $10,000.

Maintenance is not an overpriced service

Your house is your one-time investment. You should take proper take care of it. It is arguably the most important part of your home, and one of the most expensive things to replace. The Proper repair will maintain the value of your investment and life expectancy of your roof.

If algae are not present, doesn’t mean that the roof is sanitary. The corners should be wash regularly. The dirt around the corners will be seen even from far away and catch the public eye.

Roof power washing is really not an overpriced thing to do. The cleansers will take a competitive price for washing it. Normally, it takes only $200-$700. The average cost is nearly $450. After a one-time investment, you don’t need to worry about how your house will look from the outside.

Make your shingles last longer

Black streaks on the roof and shaded areas of your blacktop shingled roof can really ruin the appearance of your home. The stripes look like decay, but they are actually algae that form in your shingles and feed on moisture and spread the dirt.

The whole decay can be treated with algaecide (a substance which is poisonous to algae) keeps the progress at bay for about 10 years, but once the algaecide wears off, you roof will look really good. So it pays to clean your corner as soon as you spot algae growth.

Choose the right day and prepare the area

Check the weather forecast when you are about to clean the roof. Like not very sunny, but no wind at the time of sanitary, because you have to spray hit the shingles, not on your neighbors. These conditions will allow the defoamer to soak deeply into the corners without evaporating too quickly.

Clean the gutters, so all the material can drain to the fullest so that no filth remains on your board. Then prepare the area by moving lawn furniture and covering vegetation, because you’re going to have overspray. Even though the product we choose isn’t toxic, the runoff can be pretty ugly. So a little preparation work will save you from cleaning the rooftop.

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