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Local Markets in Barcelona

Local Markets in Barcelona

Local markets in Barcelona

When you visit Barcelona, you can just visit all the highlights and act like a tourist. Or you could go and check out some of the following local markets in Barcelona. We’ll list a couple art, food and flea markets for you where local people often go to. You’ll see only local artists and vendors selling their goods on these markets. Since the vendors are local, you’ll hear them shouting across their stalls in Catalan, giving you the true feeling of being in another city and country. And this way you also get the opportunity to buy something nice that’ll ensure you remember your trip here and it won’t be like the usual souvenir.

Plaça St Josep Oriol

The St Josep Oriol square is located next to the Plaça del Pi and the church Iglesia del Pi, right in the heart of the Gothic district and just a few minutes away from the Rambla. This district is known for being on of the first locations for Picasso’s art studio’s. So what else could we find in these squares than a local art market where around 15 artists sell their paintings. They are all very passionate about their work and another place where you may find them setting up their art is at the end of the Rambla. Take a stroll alongside the easels, and enjoy the beautiful colours that these artists were able to create on their paintings. And while you’re there, you might as well visit the beautiful church next to you.


Fira Artesanal

If you’re lucky, or planned your holiday well, you may also see the artisanal food market on the Plaça del Pi when you’re visiting the previous art market on the square next to it. The Plaça del Pi, and the similarly called church and street, are named after pines. Pi means pines in catalan, and it’s named after the great pine tree in the middle of the square. This market itself is called the honey market and is known for it’s honey-infused cheese and homemade cakes. Everything is completely organic and homemade. Unfortunately, you can only visit this market the first Friday and Saturday of the month., make sure you plan your visit well if you want to see this market.

Food markets

Everyone has heard of the Mercat de la Boqueria, and is one of the busiest places during the day as loads of tourists visit it. This Mercat is one of the many that are set up in Barcelona. Each district has it’s own mercat, this way the people in each district have a closeby market where they can buy their fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. Another well-known market is the Mercat de Sant Antoni. This one is a lot larger than the Boqueria and is completely inside. The building has been recently restored to it’s previous splendour and open for business. On Sundays, there is a book market surrounding the building. And throughout the week, you’ll find other vendors next to the square selling handmade goods.


Fira de Nautumismo

Every Sunday morning between 9am and 2pm, you’ll find a collector’s heaven here. It’s more or less a flea market, but loaded with stuff that people love to collect. You’ll be sure to find many stamps and coins for example. This one is located on Plaça Reial, and even if you’re not a collector of anything, you’ll still want to take a look at this square. Surrounded by restaurants and café’s with tasty food, you’ll enjoy a short break here and the opportunity to take in the square when you’re enjoying a coffee.

Mercat dels Encants

Now this is a true flea market, well-known in Barcelona and usually packed with people. Be aware for pickpockets when you’re wandering around here, as you’ll be distracted by the phenomena that is this flea market. You’ll find some tools next to cosmetics and perfumes, used and new products mixed together, loads of trash but if you search well, you’ll find some gems. This market is open for antiquarians from 7 and after 12 it’s open to all visitors and the goods drop in price. Bidding is expected and can be fun, so don’t hold back. There’s also an auction for the professionals, but this is not open for visitors. Saturday is the busiest day so it may be better to visit on any other day if you want to get a good luck and to not get stuck in the mass of people.


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